Couples sex toys are perfect for increasing the passion and intimacy in any relationship. Whether you just want to add a touch of creativity or push the boundaries of your partnered pleasure, bringing sex toys in a relationship is the way to do it.

The Best New Couples Sex Toys

Sex toys for couples are no longer restricted to funny sex games, fuzzy handcuffs and vibrators for her. There is so much more than this! Sex toys have come a long way and are now extremely creative and innovative. Here are some of the best new couples sex toys.

Mutual vibrators are the hottest and best-selling erotic toys for couples. These toys are made to give pleasure to both partners. Some are shaped like a U or C so they can be inserted into the vagina to stimulate the g-spot and also rub against the clit. The more slim models will also easily accommodate the partner’s cock, providing stimulus to his member as well as her pussy. Others are strap-on versions which lie between the partners, against her clitoris and the base of his penis as he penetrates her. Some versions are cock rings with vibrating and textured attachments for stimulating the clit. Others are cock sleeves that both increase a man’s girth, length, and include wrap-around vibrators that will drive him and her crazy during sex. The possibilities are endless.

Other toys for adult partners are position aids. Some are simple ramps that elevate one partner to make doggie-style or missionary-style sex easier. Others allow the bottom partner to be positioned bottom-up, or elevate the hips, providing better access to whichever orifice the other partner wants to penetrate. Many women find that lifting their hips during sex, whether face-down or while lying on their back, helps them to achieve g-spot orgasms more frequently and easily. If you have a bad back or other physical limitation, a position aid is one of the best sex toys for couples available, because it can provide support and comfort that will make sex even more enjoyable and enduring.

Some of the most fun of bringing sex toys in a relationship are those that make sex in different places and in more unusual ways easier and more fun. There is a whole host of sex in the shower aids, ranging from moveable grips for the shower walls to no-slip traction aids for the floor, to double shower heads and waterproof vibrators. Others are sex swings and harnesses, which can transform any room with a strong ceiling into your personal erotic jungle gym. Then there are the bondage couples sex toys, like padded handcuffs or soft twist-ties that can transform your bedroom or any other place into a sensual dungeon. Adding in a silky-stranded whip or tortuous feather tickler will drive your partner mad with desire.

Of course, toys for adult partners would never be complete without the right accessories. Sensory-enhancement creams and warming lubes, flavored massage and personal oils, and the natural juices of love can turn your bedding or furniture into a mess unless you get a sex bed cover. Some are made of vinyl or PVC material, while others are double-sided: one side plush and absorbent, the other slick and sensual; all of them protect your duvet and upholstery while adding to the thrill of sex. Make sure you stock up on batteries, lubricants, and other accessories for your erotic toys for couples. Then, have a great time!