Best Dildos for the Ultra Realistic Experience

What are the best dildos to replace a real cock?

If you are on the lookout for one of the best dildos out there, then you probably want something that is realistic. How to we define “realistic” though? Well, I have a few things that I am looking for on each and every realistic toy that I purchase. First, it has to actually look like a real dick. Second, it should have a set of balls to it, as that is a big part of what makes a real dick so interesting.

It should also be made from a material that gives it a realistic feel. It shouldn’t be too hard, but it should be soft and flexible. I’m not talking about floppy, I just mean that it should have a little bit of play.

Finally, it should also be molded from a real man using a technique that picks up each and every detail.

So, what are the best rubber cocks for that ultra realistic experience? I like the Ladygasm Alex, Brian, and Flex. Let’s talk about why these masturbation toys give that ultra realistic experience, then.

First, each of these is made from a material that feels like a real cock. I am not sure how they did it, but when I received my first toy from this lineup, it really seemed like I had a boner in a box. When I picked it up I was surprised. I couldn’t help but think that if this thing was hanging out of a guys pants that I would think it was his real dick.

When I put it inside it also felt realistic. It was firm, but it was squishy, like a real hard on. As I continued to work myself with it and my pussy started contracting during orgasm, I could tell that it was actually flexing to the contours of my body.

That first toy was the Brian, which is a rather large toy for most girls. It is eight inches long and five and a half around, so it will rival almost any real dick you have ever had, and it’s probably bigger than most. After my great experience with this, I wanted to check out the others.

So I ordered the Alex. At first I was skeptical, because this is realistic cock that also has a vibrator inside of it. So, what was it like? Well, it is a little bit smaller than the Brian, coming in at six and a half inches long and five inches around. The controller is connected to the toy by a short cable, meaning you can work yourself with the toy while you change the vibrating speed with the other hand. It felt just as good and realistic as the Brian, and the vibrating sensation was nice. I still prefer the big bad Brian model, though.

The Flex is definitely one of my favorite toys. It is ultra realistic and pretty big, but it features a flexible spine that runs inside the length of the shaft. This allows you to shape it however you want. If you fancy a guy who has a bit of a bend in his dick, you can shape it that way. You can also shape it so that the head hits your g-spot as you pump away. It’s all up to you, really, and that really makes this one of the coolest toys I own.

When you decide that you want to go out there and buy the best dildos, make sure you do it online, especially since these toys are exclusively available at the Ladygasm store.