Are Realistic Dildos Better Than High Tech Toys?

What is so great about realistic dildos?

I have a collection of vibrators that includes high tech toys and realistic dildos. I try to experience a little bit of everything, and having a good mix of toys helps to keep things interesting for me. I am divorced, and I have decided that I am not really interested in bringing any more men home. So my only option is to stick with toys. There is really a lot of difference between the many types of toys, but I am a big fan of realistic and silicone dildos.

In this article, I will share with you:

1. Why I love artificial cocks the best
2. When you should pick penis replicas over high tech toys
3. Why a fake penis should be in every collection

It has honestly been far too long since the last time I had real sex. It was actually with my ex husband. He had come over to help me put up some new curtain rods, and I hadn’t had any dick for about a year at that point. I offered him a glass of wine when he finished, and we to talking about our old relationship. We were laughing a lot about some of the wild things we used to do, like when we had sex on an overpass on interstate 95. It didn’t take long until we were ripping each other’s clothes off.

Before this time, I thought that I was perfectly fine with my collection of vibrators (including toys like the Rabbit and a g-spot stimulator). I guess I had just forgotten what it was like to have a nice, thick, hard penis inside of me. When we finished up he quickly got dressed and left, and I was stuck by myself, wondering whether or not it was really worth it.

I knew, at that point, that I really was missing out on all of the fun of having a real cock inside of me. So I hopped online and started looking around to see what I could find. Before all of this I was only ever interested in the high tech toys, because I figured they would be able to get me off better than something trying to mimic the real thing.

What I had never thought about was how perfectly a real cock fits into the vagina. After having sex with my ex husband, I knew that there really wasn’t anything quite like it.

I found a set of toys called the “ladygasm,” which were molded from real men. They range in size from about 6 and a half inches up to eight, and they looked just like the real thing. I placed an order and anxiously awaited the delivery.

When I opened the box I was surprised. The toys were firm, but they were still kind of soft, just like a real dick. I had heard that if you put yours in a warm bowl of water before using it that it will feel even more real, so that’s what I did. After about fifteen minutes I got to play with the toy and I was impressed.

It felt just like having a real dick inside, but there was no guy to hold and kiss. I was never really a big fan of cuddling, anyway, so this suited me just fine. Since then I prefer these realistic toys to the high tech gadgets, but I still pull out my old vibrators from time to time.

If you want realistic dildos to give you that life-like experience, then you should hop on over to the ladygasm site and order the Alex or the Brian and take them for a ride!