Are Butt Plugs Safe to use?

Butt Plugs: Have a more happy and safe masturbation

Butt Plugs are available in different forms, and each of these are designed to stimulate oneself not only during masturbation but also during sexual intercourse. It is used by both men and women (however, women are more attracted to use them). Many people all around the globe use them to maximize their pleasure, however only few pay little concern over their safe. Medical experts and gynecologists have sat down on table to devise proper guidelines for those who are fond of using sex toys in general and anal sex toys in particular. These are not any rocket science by any means, and are quite ostensible. Nonetheless the utmost pleasure and excitement during their use may compel oneself to forget about keeping up with these guidelines and eventually fall for the threats of infections etc. Let’s give a quick, yet compact snapshot of the dangers of using the anal toys without paying heeds to essential precautions, and what do we basically mean by the so called “safety precautions”. Here we go.

The nature of sex toys makes them very susceptible to carry and transfer germs. By “nature” we are referring to the use of them. For e.g. anal orgasm toys are inserted in rectum, a part of the body people usually do not approve off. Once it comes out of the place, it no longer remains clean. There comes the part played by the safety guidelines. Before and after the each use of the plugs, wash them with utmost care. Although washing with soap would be fine enough, a better solution is to apply anti-bacterial washing agents. Nonetheless ensure that not even a drop of such washing agent is left behind on the Butt Plugs, as it could be equally threatening, and may cause a fungal infection or severe irritation in vagina in the case of female, and rectum in the case of men.

Besides the afore mentioned precautions, you are also advised to bring into use some genuine and high quality lubricants to ease off the use of toys for anal pleasure and reduce the friction which may lead to some severe forms of the infections which if not treated in the initial phases may go on to trouble you big time in time to come. Also make sure that you have regular vaginal and rectum exams with good gynecologists as they check you for any likely internal injury caused by anything including the careless use of the sex toys. Remember inferior quality anal toys may be dangerous to use since they have sharp edges and may even go on to hut to such an extent that it may cause profuse internal bleeding. Yea, there have been such cases where such plugs have hit both men and female. Treatment is a must if such a thing happens. Plus always buy the higher quality Butt Plugs with soft edges and fine material like rubber which has less chances of hurting the body.