Anal Sex Toys: Some Basics

The Basics of Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex toys are toys designed for use by men and women who wish to enjoy back door pleasure. These toys are intended to be inserted in the rectum comfortably and safely to provide stimulation during solo play or play with a partner. Anal toys are varied in design, material, and function. Below is a by no means comprehensive look at some toys designed for the butt.

Anal Toys - Trainers

This group of anal orgasm tools is designed to make the user more comfortable with anal sex gradually. The idea is for the user to buy a kit that includes several anal sex toys ranging from small penetrators for beginners to large anal sex toys for graduate students. New users can enjoy a very small toy until they feel comfortable moving up to the next size, and then repeat the process until they reach the size they are aiming for. Not everyone who gets in to anal pleasure toys sets out to achieve cantaloupe-sized insertions, so if you go for a training kit, always remember, you don’t have to use everything that is included. The object of your exploration should be finding an activity that brings you pleasure as comfortably as possible, and the variety of options in a kit such as this should help you achieve that goal.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are some of the easiest anal pleasure toys to recognize. They are all similar in design and function, with a narrow tip, flared middle, and narrow waist-like area above a wide base. The narrow tip allows for easier, less painful insertion into the anus, which most enthusiasts of anal toys appreciate. From there a butt plug will gradually widen to its thickest point. This is the most important part of choosing a butt plug anal sex toy, the girth of the toy at its widest point, since that determines how full your ass will feel with the toy inserted. After reaching its maximum diameter, a butt plug narrow quickly to a slim part that will be in the actual anus itself while the toy in in place. Below that there is a large base which prevents the toy from being lost inside the body cavity during play, and can be used to manually move to toy around inside the body for added stimulation.

Women’s Anal Pleasure Toys

Butt plugs or other ass toys are not largely gender specific, since everyone has an asshole. Most anal toys can be used by men or women, but there are a few that are designed with one sex or the other in mind. Most of the female specific anal orgasm tools are designed with double penetration in mind. These might be double ended, horseshoe shaped dildos that a woman can use to open both her holes simultaneously, or even dual shafted vibrating gadgets that deliver jittering stimulation to both the front and back area at once. As mentioned, the vast majority of anal sex toys can be used by men or women, but toys designed to penetrate two holes are going to be used by women, primarily.