Anal Sex Toys, Hygiene and Responsible Use

Hygiene and Anal Sex Toys

Men and women who wish to expand their sexual horizons sometimes find themselves looking behind them. No, not at their sexual past, at their behind! When looking for something beyond more traditional oral sex and intercourse, and something a bit spicier than just trying new positions, many individuals and couple begin to think about anal sex play as an option for variety. Anal sex toys can be an excellent method of introducing newbies to ass engorging fun in a gentler way that just lubing up large cock and gritting your teeth while the owner of that cock has fun while you feel like you are being split in half.

When it comes to anal sex, easy does it, and even a heterosexual couple who wishes to add anal sex to their love life can benefit from anal toys. By using toys for anal stimulation to introduce back door play to their bedroom games, a couple or individual can gradually explore the new feelings they receive from having their asshole(s) stimulated.

Let’s look at some basic guidelines for the use of anal orgasm toys, whether alone or otherwise.

Anal Toys: Cleanliness Cannot Be Overstressed

A person’s ass contains more than just sensitive nerve endings begging for stimulation. The anus and rectum also contain a lot of bacteria that should not be transferred anywhere else. When using anal penetration toys, it is impossible to be too hygienic. Any toys for anal stimulation that have been inserted into their intended hole should be cleaned thoroughly before moving them on to a vagina or another person’s bum. In addition, women should be extra careful to be sure that lube used on anal sex toys does not leak out and get inadvertently transferred to her pussy or mouth, as the consequences could be dire.

Also, the sensitive nature of the tissues of the anus and rectum make them prone to tearing, which leads to bleeding, which can lead to transfer of blood borne infections if anal penetration toys are shared. Whenever possible, do not share your anal orgasm toys, not even with committed partners.

Of course there could be a time when that special someone see how much pleasure you gain from using your anal toys and wants to experience those feeling him or herself, and it just isn’t convenient to run out to the local sex shop and buy them their own. If you find yourself in such a position, good for you for having an open-minded partner, first of all. Second of all, wrap that rascal. Just as condoms make an effective barrier against the transfer of bodily fluid from one person to another, they can also prevent the transfer of bacteria and viruses that might result from sharing anal sex toys.

When exploring the edges of your sex life via anal orgasm toys, always keep cleanliness in mind. Do your absolute best to avoid transferring potentially dangerous organisms from your ass to other areas, including other areas of your own body or someone else’s body.