Anal Sex Toys are a Lot of Fun

If you want fun, then anal sex toys are the best solution

Anal sex toys can take the most ordinary, vanilla sex life and sprinkle it with some amazing fun. If you haven’t ever tried these toys before, then you are definitely missing out on some of the best experiences possible. There are a number of different types of anal toys, and there are different reasons that they feel good. It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, either. Having a toy snug in your butt can heighten your pleasure and give you one of the most amazing orgasms you have ever experienced. So which anal toys are the best for guys, and which are the best for girls?

For starters, there is a toy that both of you can have a whole lot of fun with. You want to take a look at a toy called the Ladygasm Voyager. This toy is marketed as a vibrator and g-spot stimulator for women, but it is also sold as a prostate stimulator. The design of the toy is perfect for applying vibrations to your clit, stimulating your asshole, experience anal intercourse, and stimulating his prostate. Since you can use the toy for all of these different purposes, it is really important that I mention that you should start with the vaginal stimulation first. Don’t ever go from anal play back to vaginal, unless you want to risk getting an infection.

This toy will provide an amazing experience for the both of you. If you are looking to have a really amazing evening, here is what I recommend. Start by having him fuck you slowly while you apply the toy to your clitoris. After a little while, have him stimulate you orally while you slip the toy in your butt. After things start to heat up, let him fuck your ass while you rub your clit and have a great orgasm. After that, you want to give him a hand job while you slip the toy in his butt. Watch out, though! The orgasm that he will have from prostate stimulation will be intense, and he is going to produce more juice than you ever knew possible.

Another toy that the both of you can have a lot of fun with is anal beads. The anal beads sold on are a little different from your standard anal beads, though. These have a firm material that connects each of the beads, allowing it to maintain its curved shape. It is one of the most exciting anal stimulation toys that I have ever used. What I really like to do with it is use it on myself, and then when I am done put it inside of my guys butt to give him a prostate orgasm. Since it has a curved shape, it can hit his male g-spot and produce a huge load.

There are plenty of other anal pleasure tools that you can buy from, too. The best thing that you can do, though, is take a look at the site and order the toys that excite you the most. I can tell you, from experience, that all of the toys they make are of the highest quality. I always have a great time when I use their anal toys, and even their regular vibrators and dildos.

My husband is a big fan of their products, too. He has learned to really enjoy the prostate orgasm, and he is always asking me to check and see if they have any new toys. If you want to have fun with anal sex toys, then you really need to check out their products and place an order.