An Overview of Butt Plugs

A butt plug, sometimes referred to as an anal plug, is an anal sex toy that is usually bulbous shaped with a flat base. The base is intentionally large so that during play time, when the butt plug is inserted, it cannot slip completely into the anal cavity.

Butt Plugs: An Overview

A brief consideration of the name of this group of sex toys gives you a good idea of their purpose. Butt plugs plug your butt. These toys are not intended for thrusting in and out like a vibrator or dildo, but are rather intended to be introduced into the anus and left there for some time. As simple as that sounds, there is a surprising variety of these anal toys available, so let’s explore this group of toys a bit.

Most anal plugs share some common design traits. These are, usually, a narrow tip for easier insertion, a cone shape from the tip to the widest point of the butt plug, a narrow neck intended to fit comfortably in the anus when the plug is in place, and a wide base, for safety reasons. The narrow tip allows easier initial sphincter penetration, as getting anything, a finger, cock or sex toy, into the anus is most difficult during that first penetration. The overall girth of anal sex toys determine how full the user will feel once it is inside. By having a narrower neck, anal pleasure tools can rest in the rectum allowing for that feeling of fullness with the anus itself needing to be spread open really wide for longer periods of time. The base, as mentioned before, prevents the toy from going completely into the body, which could require medical intervention to get it out.

Keeping Anal Toys In: How Long Is Too Long?

Anal plugs are intended to be inserted into the ass and kept there. But kept there for how long? There is basically no study data relevant to this question, so people concerned by this issue must rely on instinct and anecdotal information they might find on the internet or by asking friends. The best rule of thumb to go by is keep it in as long as you get pleasure from doing so. When it isn’t fun anymore, stop, in other words.

Another piece of advice regarding how long to keep a butt plug inserted is keep it wet. Remember, you put the thing in there, and it needs to come out eventually. A butt plug held inside your ass for a long time will dry out sooner or later, depending on the lube you use and your own body, not to mention the material the butt plug is made of. The idea behind using good quality and ample amounts of lubricant is first to get the thing comfortably inside you body, but taking it out can be painful as hell if it has dried out. Removing dry butt plugs from your ass can lead to anal tearing, which can be dangerous, depending on the severity of the tears. Having said all that, occasionally remove butt plugs and reapply lube for extended sessions of butt stretching fun.