An adult sex shop can put the sizzle back in your sex life

So, you’re looking for an extra dimension to your sex play. The three positions you currently practice are becoming more routine than your office job and you are desperate for a change. It could be time you took yourself off to an adult sex shop.

The great thing about visiting an adult toy store in the 21st century is that you can just slip into your study, switch on the computer and look at literally dozens of super well-stocked adult sex stores while holding the mouse in one hand and scratching your balls with the other.

But whoa, not so fast, just before you click ‘add to cart’ on the latest We Vibe2 to give your partner the thrill of her life, go back to basics.

Discuss your sex life before visiting an adult sex shop

The first step is to talk to your partner about the idea of introducing adult toys into your relationship. While you may have used sex toys in the past for your own personal use she may well feel a bit skeptical and worried about it.

In fact the initial response could even be one of refusal or reluctance. Like it or not, in the vast majority of cases, while guys are on page 20 of willingness to try new sexual experiences, women are often on page 1.

But with a little gentle persuasion you will probably find the woman in your life will embrace the idea and join in the search for an erotic toy store. If there is much reluctance, start out small perhaps with a small finger vibrator or a bit of very light bondage.

Be sure to patiently explain to your partner that an adult sex shop is a great place to find new ideas to add a little spice to the relationship and that it is not intended as a threat or an insult to what is currently on offer.

Visiting a sex toy shop can be a little daunting because there it all is in your face, not just the sex toys but hard core DVD movies with lurid covers of guys with big cocks thrusting them into drugged looking porn starlets.

That is where an online adult sex shop is perfect for searching together for adult toys with complete discretion and privacy. A good place to start is to find sex toys that you or your partner will not feel intimidated to buy such as a finger vibrator, or perhaps a cock ring which gives pleasure to you both as you bump and grind.

Once you both feel more comfortable using adult toys together, then you can try move on to more exotic adult toys like bunny vibrators, Fleshlight toys and anal beads. Don’t forget to add the lubricant.

Of course be prepared that some of the goodies you order from the erotic toy store are going to be disappointing. The hype for each toy in an online sex toy shop is heavy, and the ‘earth shattering orgasm’ promised by the manufacturer doesn’t always materialize. Unlike in bricks and mortar sex shops you can actually return sex toys to online adult sex stores as long as you follow their terms and conditions.

When using toys for the first time, make sure you use it gently to find out how your partner likes it best before taking it up a notch. And if you are buying any toys which will involve inserting it into any orifice, be sure to buy some good quality water based lube.