All About the Butt Plug

Anal sex has been around as long as any other sex has been, but has been labeled as taboo for many years. Although the ancient Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians and Indian societies acknowledged and encouraged anal play between partners, it’s taken a long time since to modernize opinions about back door bliss. Now, it is possible to buy any manner of different kinds of anal sex toys, including the old favorite, the butt plug.

What is a Butt Plug?

This is an anal sex toy that is designed to be inserted…well, in the ass. They have a characteristic design that allow the plug to be inserted with relative ease and then remain there. Many people, gay and straight, enjoy using anal toys. They find that the sensation of fullness imparted by the toy is very erotic, especially when coupled with intercourse or other sex play.

The anus is incredibly sensitive, with thousands of ultra-sensitive nerve endings found in such a small area of flesh. Men, especially, find anal play particularly stimulating, because the prostate gland can be stimulated by inserting something into the anus and pressing in a certain area of the rectum. This is most frequently done with a finger, but for more advanced anal play, choose an anal orgasm toy, which will impart prostate stimulation steadily and strongly—no partner needed. Besides, even if you have a partner, you might want their hands elsewhere, anyway.

The butt plug has a specific shape that varies a bit from model to model, but the most common shape has a small tip that widens toward the base, then abruptly narrows, flaring out again to provide a base that can’t get withdrawn into the rectum. The shape of a basic anal stimulation toy is vaguely reminiscent of the shape of the ace of clubs in a deck of playing cards. The musculature of the anus and sphincter are built to close up tightly, keeping the person from losing bowel control easily, so without this flared end, the anal toys could get pulled into the lower colon, causing serious damage.

Anal orgasm toy materials vary, but the most common materials used are silicone, acrylic, jelly rubber, hard plastic, and even metal. They vary in size from modest and relatively innocuous to dear-lord-what-is-that thing huge. Obviously, a beginner shouldn’t jump right into a John Holmes version of the butt plug—ease into it with practice.

One feature of many anal stimulation toy is their design. Beyond the basic shape, many have undulating designs or are shaped like a string of linked beads; the principle behind this design is that, for many people, the sensation of having the plug removed or moved, one “bead” or undulation at a time, is thrilling. Some men even ejaculate upon removal of anal toys.

Even the most experienced anal sex toy user should use plenty of the appropriate kind of lubricant. Lube designed specifically for anal sex is available, providing extra-slippery removal and insertion of even the largest anal sex toy. Other anal orgasm toy lubes are de-sensitizing, which is ideal for anal newbies or for those who don’t always enjoy back-door dalliance. Always use a lubricant, though, because dry insertion and removal of these toys can cause anal fissures, tears, or aggravate hemorrhoids. Besides the pain factor, the issue of sexually transmitted diseases increases exponentially with the introduction of blood into the field, so always lube up well, and often.