All About Realistic Dildos

Any sex toy catalogue you peruse, sex shop you visit, or internet retailer dealing in artificial apparatuses that deliver sexual pleasure, all of them will offer realistic dildos for sale. The variety of options when it comes to fake dicks is not quite as extensive as the variety of cocks offered by nature, but it comes damned close. If you like the feeling of a penis filling up your orifice(s) to whatever degree fulfills you (pun intended), and for whatever reason an actual male partner isn’t an option for you, then consider a realistic dildo. But since realism is the goal, which of the many realistic cocks out there are the most realistic.

This largely depends on consumer preference, and it can play a big part (pun intended) in deciding which realistic dildo to purchase. Since the name realistic dildo implies realism, many of the 15 inch long, 9 inch circumference monsters you see advertised are not all that realistic, in my opinion; those seem more like torture devices than items designed for pleasure, but if pussy ripping, sphincter destroying items are for you, to each their own. Luckily, artificial penises come in every size imaginable, from small easy to insert cocks to practical jokes sizes to give as a gift at your next friend’s bachelorette party, so everyone can find a realistic dildo that suits their needs.

Realistic Dildos Molded From Porn Star Cocks

Many people who like cock, men and women alike, watch pornography. Any many of those people see a well hung stud slamming his big tool into a co-star, and the porn movie industry always tries to make it look like the co-star on the receiving end of that action enjoys the hell out of it all. Whether the person getting fucked gets off to it or not is something they alone know; some orgasms in porn look as fake as the average porn starlet’s boobs, but others look very, very real. Regardless, many porn fans see the pleasure (real or simulated) delivered by those purple headed yogurt slingers and fantasize about getting fucked down by that dick’s owner.

That is usually not an option. The main stream person watching porn will probably never star in a porn movie, and outside of badly written scripts, such people will never get the chance to offer a willing hole for a porn stud to fill. Penis replicas can help to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality.

Many male porn stars offer up their cocks for modeling jobs. A mold is made of his erect penis, and from that mold thousands of pussy and ass pleasuring devices are produced. Jeff Stryker, Mark Wallice, and Willfried Knight are just three of the porn stars known for their gifted nature whose cocks have been cloned in silicone rubber to create realistic dildos for the pleasure of the masses.

When you set out to add a realistic dildo to your toy collection, you should probably stick first to the porn star clones. Since they are molded from actual cocks, that does mean they are the most realistic out there. After that, buy a toy from a good quality manufacturer that uses safe, high quality construction techniques, and then follow the care instructions included with the toy. More than anything, pick realistic dildos that will last a long time and give you lots of pleasure, since orgasms are the goal here. May your realistic dildo give you plenty of them!