All About Basic, Cheap Dildos

Dildos are the venerable elders of the sex toy society. They have been around for thousands of years, so evidently the design concept is sound—of course it is, dildos look like penises. And everyone loves penises. Straight women love to have sex with them. So do gay men. Even gay women love to straddle nice basic, inexpensive dildos…and let’s face it, all men, whether straight or gay, admire a cock. What’s not to love?

All About Basic, Cheap Dildos

Dildos are the oldest kind of sex toy, with the very oldest example of one being more than 26,000 years old. Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and other cultures depict dildos on their frescoes, pottery and other artwork. An erect phallus has been regarded since the dawn of time as a symbol of fertility and virility. People used to carry big phalluses on poles, carved them on temples and shields, even made massive chalk drawings in the countryside showing men with extremely large erections. Ancient dildos were simple to make: simply mold the clay or whittle the wood. With the invention of rubber and plastic, dildo-making got much easier, and women and men who use cheap dildos now get much fewer splinters in uncomfortable places.

Dildo demographics are a fairly recent area of study. Sex surveys conducted in the past decade show that 65% of women admit to having used dildos at some point during their lives. Since many people use the label “vibrator” and dildo” pretty much interchangeably, it is difficult to document concretely. A dildo can be a vibrator as well, but a vibrator is not always a dildo; however, many people, for lack of experience, think they are the same thing. Other sex toy use surveys report that about 20-30% of people use sex toys, although some studies put usage as high as 50% for vibrator use. Sex shops report that vibrators are their top selling items, and that basic, cheap masturbation toys are in their top five top selling items.

Why would you use basic, cheap dildos, you ask? Well, the majority of people think dildos are simply penis stand-ins when no other cock is available, such as for lesbians. This isn’t really true, though, since gay men (who obviously have the real equipment) often use dildos in their sexual practices, as do straight couples. Women and men who have no intention of ever actually having sex with a real penis might very well engage in dildo play. Simply put, dildos do what you want them to do, without any judgment on the usage.

Using low-cost artificial dicks is up to the user’s tastes and preferences. They can be used for anal, oral or vaginal penetration. They can be used for masturbation that does not include penetration. They can be used in gender-bending role play, as part of sex between lesbians and gay males, and even between heterosexual partners who are more liberated in their approach to sex. They come with no instruction manual, usually, because the purpose of dildos is very clear: use it however you like. Stick it somewhere. Enjoy yourself with it, in whatever fashion you like.