Adult Super Store Products and Accessories

Have you been into an adult super store lately? Even the small ones have an unbelievable selection of merchandise. However, it’s not all about dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs anymore. There are all kind of toys and accessories to be found in adult superstores.

Products and Accessories in an Adult Super Store

Did you think that an adult toy store would just have dildos and vibrators, or just dirty movies? Think again. The new adult super store is a veritable emporium of pleasure, of every kind and type. Straight or gay, it’s available, and there is no shame in buying it here. If you look around you will see more than just funny-shaped vibrating stuff. Look closer.

For couples who want to add a little more maneuverability to their sexual routine, a sex swing, sling, harness or positioner might be perfect, and a sex store will have them. Some people have bad backs or mobility issues that make certain positions (or any position at all, for that matter) painful or too tiring to enjoy. A ramp, support or ergonomically designed positioner can help anyone enjoy sex again. Harnesses and swings can add both kink and new motion and position options as well. They can be found in ceiling-supported, door models, and even self-supporting versions that, a bit distressingly, resemble a kid’s swing set.

What about those of us who like a bit of bite with our bliss? BDSM props and tools can be found at most erotic toy store locations, online or brick and mortar, in a wide range of comfort levels. Some people are only comfortable with mild bondage play, such as fuzzy handcuffs or soft restraints to use as a excitement booster during their partner play. Others, however, are more hard-core, enjoying real leather restraints, ball gags, spiked and studded collars and gear, etc. Whips and other “punishers” can be silky-smooth or sincerely scary, depending on your tastes.

Do you feel like playing games? Some couples just love to role play, so why not pick up a costume or other fantasy accessory at your local adult super store? Perhaps your man has always fancied doing it with a sexy nurse or policewoman, or maybe you’ve always wanted to do a dirty construction worker or cowboy. Maybe you want to try out liquid latex or body paint. It’s all there.

What about the lubricant? There’s always time for lube, after all, lots of it. Lubricants aren’t just plain old KY and Astrogide anymore—they’re sophisticated chemical compounds designed to please and make things easier and more fun, no matter how kinky you like it. Some are water based, others are oil based, and some are silicone based. Always choose a lube that is appropriate for the sex toys you will be using. Using a silicone lubricant with a silicone dildo or vibrator will ruin the toy’s finish, and using an oil-based lube on natural or jelly rubber will damage it, too. But it’s not just “lube,” you can find flavored lubricants in all kinds of yummy variations to make oral, anal, and vaginal sex even sweeter. Other kinds of slippery stuff heats up your skin for a deliciously steamy experience, and others actually enhance your sensitivity by stimulating the nerve endings in your skin. An adult sex shop will have regular lubes, enhancement and de-sensitizing formulas, and body butters in spades. Also look for massage oils and tools to bring a new dimension into your erotic play.