Adult sex shops for the unimaginative male

Men will often buy imaginative gifts such as chocolates, flowers or kinky underwear you will never wear. There are usually two wholly unsurprising reasons. Either they completely forgot the anniversary, birthday or special occasion and had to quickly buy something – anything - at the last minute. Or there is a total absence of spark in the imagination department and they cannot think beyond the completely predictable and conventional buying patterns of their parents.

Some guys aspire to visiting adult sex shops to see if they can find some alluring lingerie, but most of the time this is really as a turn on for him, not as a treat for the love of his life.

Adult sex shops: the first time

So for guys who are too inhibited, embarrassed or plain lazy to put any thought into shopping for a gift there has been an incredible development in the last ten years known as online sex shops.

This enables the man to just sit at his desk, click a mouse and shop quietly, discreetly, without embarrassment and without the inconvenience of actually having to walk into a shop and ask a bunch of foolish questions.

Online adult toy stores open up a whole new world of exciting possibilities never previously considered to spice up a dull love life and show how much you care.

At first viewing the choice in online sex stores will make your head spin.

Of course you’ve heard of vibrators, but then there are more vibrator types than there are fishhook types so it can become very confusing.

On the other hand there’s no need to go crazy and opt for a vibrating 15” ultra realistic dildo, there are plenty of small and discreet vibrators which you could use during foreplay to really turn her on. The benefit of this is added passion in the bedroom which means things could quickly become very interesting for you too. She may even offer you a blowjob.

The purchase could be as simple as some massage oils and candles and you can offer to give her a relaxing massage. A massage is a great way to initiate a full on sex session.
You could also try some beginner’s bondage stuff like some fluffy handcuffs a blindfold and a spanking paddle to keep her in line.

If you are worried about the shipping and receiving of an embarrassing parcel at your door, don’t be, all the online adult sex stores know to put these packages in plain boxes with no markings to suggest its contents. Even your credit card will have an innocent sounding name on it.t

The adult sex shops and sex toy industry has developed hugely in recent years may and hundreds of online sex stores have popped like mushrooms offering an Aladdin’s cave of sexual goodies waiting for you to explore.

Ladygasm is a major new online adult superstore which offers a huge variety of sex toys predominantly to female customers. will be selling a wide variety of the most popular women’s sex toys on the market, including a superb range of vibrators and dildos. There will also be a wide choice of Ladygasm branded sex toys including vibrators, rabbit vibrators, dildos, and even Hitachi wand style toys.