How to Add Spice to Your Life With Women Sex Toys

The market for adult toys has skyrocketed in the past decade with the advent of the internet. Adult videos, sex toys, fetish props, and all manner of fun stuff can now be found online, in catalogs, at stores, or can even be purchased at sex toy home sales parties, similar to the Tupperware parties of our mothers’ generation. Women sex toys are a huge segment of the adult toy market. Female sex toys are a way to explore their own sexuality on their own terms, to increase their personal pleasure, and to enhance their sexual experiences with their partners.

Women Sex Toys

The adult industry is really unique in many ways because of the number of products and innovation that goes into designing things to enhance the pleasure and experience of sex for women. Where only a hundred years ago the idea of the female clitoral orgasm was regarded as a myth, now there are legions of researchers, sexologists and inventors trying their best to make orgasms as plentiful and intense as possible.

Women have many ways to receive sexual pleasure, and there is a sex toy for every path to erotic enjoyment for women. Sex toys can not only directly cause orgasm, they can also increase the pleasure taken in other parts of sex as well, such as with anal toys, nipple clamps, sex games, fetish items, and more. Sex toys for women are not just about a simple vibrator or dildo anymore: the options are nearly endless.

One great thing about sex toys is that they can help women to explore and advance their own sexual knowledge, appetite and endurance. Many women have never experienced a G-spot orgasm, or have never climaxed during intercourse without prior clitoral stimulation. With self-exploration and the help of a partner when they choose, a woman can find that they have erotic capacities beyond what they ever dreamed was possible.

Sex toys can bring couples closer when used properly. Sex between two consenting adults should be all about the giving and receiving of pleasure, and the more pleasure, the better. Regardless of the emotional connection or commitment, good sex just feels good, period. Whether that greater pleasure is achieved by adding a strap-on vibrator, anal beads, or by heightening the mind’s erotic capacity with fun games and role play doesn’t matter. The goal is to enjoy the experience.

An excellent benefit of the increasing acceptance of women sex toys in everyday society is that it is slowly taking away the old prejudices against female sexuality in our culture. Men have been able to talk about masturbation and practice it frequently without shame forever, but a woman who masturbates or enjoys sex too much has almost always been viewed as a whore or shameless. Why the prejudice?

It is rooted in patriarchal culture, which fears a fearlessly sexual woman. This is why the Women’s Liberation Movement ran in tandem with the Sexual Liberation Movement: because women have to be able to be as freely sexual in nature as men are in order for them to be equal. We haven’t come all the way yet, but we’re on the right track. This is why girls sex toys are almost like a badge of liberation. Why shouldn’t every girl feel free to keep her trusty vibrator in her bedside table or talk about great sex without shame? Men do it all the time. Women should enjoy sex and sex toys, and use them as a way to know themselves better and have better sex—with or without a partner.