A guide for men when they go out to buy dildos

Looking to improve your love making? Buy dildos that suit you and your woman

Many men are trying to improve their performance in bed. Mostly it’s to boost their self esteem and to also keep their women satisfied and avoid them going astray.  There are many ways in which you can improve your sex life one of them being to buy dildos.  It seems to be an easy task but you will be surprised by the number of men that actually ruin their love life by buying the wrong kind of dildo.

It is the belief of many men, that when you go out there to buy dildos, you should look for the one that is the largest and made of the smoothest material. This is not always the case. There are women that do not like large sizes. There are very many factors to consider before you go out to buy dildos for your woman.

The first thing to consider is the size that she likes. Getting to know the kind of size that she likes can be quite tricky since she might lie to you so that she does not lower your self esteem. Try and convince her that you want what’s best for her so it would be best if she told you the truth. By size, in this case, I mean the length and the width. Get her exactly what she says once you have established that she is telling the truth.

You would also want to learn where she loves being stimulated.  Most men might think that they know this but it would be advisable that you ask her to get the correct answer and avoid any assumptions. You will be surprised to find out that you were always wrong.

Different dildos stimulate different areas. So go to the store and ask for one that stimulates exactly where she wants stimulated. If it’s her clitoris she loves stimulated, get a dildo that will stimulate her clitoris and so on.

When you buy dildos the material also matters a lot. Ask your woman what kind of material she loves. Get to know if it’s one that is textured or smooth. If she opts for one that is textured, make sure that you are able to establish the kind of texture that she wants.  This will definitely hit her g spot and you will get your woman screaming with pleasure.

You should also find the type of speed that she loves. This you do not have to ask her. You can simply buy dildos that have speed settings so that you can adjust to the correct speed that she wants. You will wow her.