A Brief History of Adult Sex Shops

Adult sex shops are everywhere, and they all have many things in common. However, there are differences in adult toy stores based on where they are located. I have not, obviously, visited all erotic toy stores around the world, but I have been to enough to notice some of these differences, and would like to mention some things here.

Adult Sex Shops: Origins

In more conservative times, sex toy shops existed in the United States more as adult book stores and adult video rental places that also stocked a few vibrators and dildos that patrons could purchase. In the 1960s the US Supreme Court issued rulings that, under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, made adult sex shops legal throughout the United States. However, zoning restrictions which vary according to jurisdictions still limit where adult superstores can be located.

In the earlier days of adult sex shops, since they were disguised as book stores and video rentals, many offered private booths where customers could view materials in full or in part, on a pay per view basis. These booths were often used for private masturbation venues, or even as places for couples (or multiples) to fool around. Most new adult toy stores that pop up around the country do not offer services of this nature, many older establishments still have booths where the clientele can privately view pornographic DVDs. I have seen these places more on the West coast than elsewhere.

Another thing that has changed in sex toy shops is that, in areas where a more sex positive attitude is more prevalent, adult toy stores are more open. In past decades, these shops were more closed off, and laws governing such activities ruled that adult superstores could not have their wares viewable from outside on the street. Since the 90s, many shops have begun using display windows to show lingerie on manequins and many items that do not display nudity or sex acts on the packaging. Northern areas of Texas are well populated with adult toy stores of this nature.

On the topic of sex toy shops, one place in the United States that deserves a mention is Café Risque in Micanopy, Florida. If you are driving through the Sunshine State on Interstate Highway 75, you cannot miss the signs for this place. I mean, they pay for a lot of billboard advertising. It is an interesting place, and it is worth a stop in. I have never seen another place like it, anywhere (disclaimer: my knowledge base for erotic toy stores is not all-encompassing, so if other such shops exist, my apologies for the omission.

Café Risque is sort of a combination of a truck stop, adult sex shop, and strip club all rolled together, with nude waitresses serving your food (they are not on the menu, so don’t even go there). The place has sort of a diner atmosphere, with decent food served in large portions, while nude girls dance on stage and nude hotties walk around taking orders and delivering entrees to customers. It is also an adult sex shop with a nice variety of toys for sale, although I must admit the prices for these items were pretty inflated the time I was there.
adult superstores are great places for people to buy fun, intimate toys for enhancing their sex lives, and while they have many things in common, there is also a lot of variety when it comes to erotic toy stores. Try exploring what is out there as you look for things to help you explore in there.