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  • Sex Toys - General Info

    • What are Sex Toys for Girls All About?
    • It has been said that variety is the spice of life, and this is very true, especially when it comes to sex! There are now literally thousands of products out there to increase and intensify your erotic pleasure. Sex toys for girls are all the rage and can be found in stores, online, through catalogs, and even at sales get-togethers reminiscent of your grandmothers’ Tupperware parties! Girls sex toys are fun and come in so many varieties, you’ll never tire of trying out new ways to give yourself orgasm after orgasm.
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  • Anal Sex Toys

    • Things You Need to Use Anal Sex Toys
    • For men and women who are curious about or experienced with anal pleasure, anal sex toys are excellent methods of getting the stimulation that is desired. Anal toys are designed for anal insertion and stimulation, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, colors and materials. Let’s look at some of the more popular toys for anal pleasure and their uses.
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  • Dildos

    • What Are Realistic Dildos Like?
    • With today’s advances in construction materials and techniques, the quality and realism of realistic dildos is improving by leaps and bounds. Some may even wonder how long it will be before a person does not even need a partner for sex anymore. While I do not believe a realistic dildo could ever replace an actual sex partner, unless someone develops a light bulb replacing feature and a spider killing attachment at least, they definitely serve a purpose and deserve a place in every sex toy collection.
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  • Vibrators

    • What To Look for When You Buy a Vibrator
    • Okay, ladies. It’s a new and modern age, and everyone knows that women love to masturbate, maybe even as much as men do. Solo sex is great for relieving the physical urge, relaxing after a long day, releasing frustration, and learning about what masturbation techniques work best. Sure the hand does a great job, but sometimes you may be feeling lazy, or you may want something different. Buy a vibrator and you will see why millions of other women have taken the plunge and bought themselves a battery-operated boyfriend, too!
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  • Couples

    • The Best Sex Toys for Couples
    • Every couple has sex—well, hopefully they do. Sex is one of the best ways to bring a couple closer, both emotionally and physically. Sex is how we connect with each other, how we get our physical needs met, how we make up after fights, and how we make babies. It is also just plain fun! Couples sex toys can add some variety and intensity to your partnered sex life. There are many out there to choose from.
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  • Only For Women

    • Caring for Sex Toys for Girls
    • Sex toys for girls are fun. They help women to explore their bodies and learn about what really “works” for them, not to mention that they add spice to masturbation as well as sex with a partner. Every woman should have a drawer full of female masturbation tools. However, with ownership comes responsibility, so here are some helpful hints on how to take care of your toys.
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  • Reviews

    • Ladygasm Rose - The best portable & discreet vibrator
    • The Ladygasm Rose Vibrator is a simple but powerful pleasure tool that you can discreetly carry with you so that you can be ready for some fun when the right moment arrives. Small at only 5 inches long, and thin at 2 inches in diameter, this will not only fit perfectly in your purse, but will make a great companion in your bedside drawer.
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