Mangasm Edge

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Mangasm Edge

MaterialHard ABS
TextureSmooth & Hard
Safety FeaturesEasy To Clean
Powered by2AA Batteries
FunctionsUser-adjustable Vibration
Special FeaturesN/A
Toy SizeLength: 5” Width: 1.25”

Mangasm Edge

Features super-intense user controlled vibration

16 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$76.95 $52.95

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Product Details

Strongest Vibration Ever!
The Mangasm Edge prostate massager features extremely powerful vibration, and has been known to cause men to have orgasms without even touching their penises. This anal sex toy for men is meant to induce extreme orgasms - which may even surprise the most experienced anal players.

Made For Intense Pressure
The Mangasm Edge is made from a harder material than the other models, which means that the perineum tab places intense pressure on the outside of the prostate. The intense outer prostate pressure in combination with the vibrations can cause orgasms so intense, that users have actually reported losing vision during their orgasms!So if you are up for one of the most intense prostate stimulator experiences in the world - give the Mangasm Edge a try.

Mangasm Edge Reviews
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I'm not going to not recommend this product even though for me it didn't deliver the intense orgasms I experienced. I dont' really know why. It might be because the shaft is too narrow and smooth for me and I had to focus on always keeping my sphincter muscles tense to keep it in. I think it might work better if it was more angled or had a less straight and smooth shape.

By Itinerant, USA

Looks good, feels good and made out of good material. I highly recommend it.

By wicked weasel, Miami

With some of the softer anal toys, I've found that you need to be really relaxed to get them in the rectum. Of course you still need to be relaxed with this one if you're going to enjoy the experience. The material of the shaft part is firmer so I think it would insert a lot easier even for a nervous newbie who's a little tense.

By FHeemz, USA

Never had a vibrating anything stuck up my ass. Wasn't sure if I wanted to. Have to admit I'm glad I listened to my partner's encouragement.

By Ex-prude, AL

The shaft is straight and hard with no ridiculous bulges or angles. Slides in easily and feels great.

By Schmidyslave, Grand Rapids, MI

The rounded angled tip makes it easy to shove this baby in and it's long enough that it didn't slowly slide out when I came and started moving around.

By SkinnyDip, Canada

There are cheaper vibrating ass toys out there. Don't bother. They don't last and they're a waste of money. I've had this one for almost 8 months now. It still works as great as it did the first day I got it.

By theavocado, arizona

Perfect for any guy who likes to experience more firm prostrate pressure, like me. That's why I bought it in the first place. It's made out of harder material with a firm prostrate tab for maximum pressure. I think the hard material makes the vibrations more intense.

By Bullfroggy, Georgia

Overall a good product. The remote with the easy to use sliding control is a plus and you don't even have to look at it when you use it. Just go by feel. My only complaint is that I wish the stick part of the toy was thicker.

By Geogeo79, Canada

The only time I've ever heard prostrate mentioned is in connection with cancer, especially in older men. Since I'm in my late 20s, this wasn't something I'm concerned about. My wife found this toy and thought it might be fun for us to try. Since I'm all for experimentation, I agreed. I don't think I'd try the model on my own. It's just too much work when a simple hand job in the shower will do. It is fun for partner play when we have more time to fool around.


There's another model vibrating prostrate massage I have, but it doesn't have the handle/holder this one does. It definitely makes it easier to use having something to firmly hold on to.

By 0letitgrow, New England

Did as promised and came discreetly packaged too.

By Faeboy, Oakland, California

My partner Jerry and I have been together for 15 years. I'm proud to say that our sex life is still strong, and I think part of it is because we're not afraid to experiment to keep things fresh and interesting. We're seasoned sex toy users and have everything from glass anal beads to large plugs to other prostrate massagers. This one's great and is very firm and smooth for easy penetration. Vibration feature is a nice plus.

By Collogue, Philadelphia, PA

I liked the non angled shape of the shaft part of this thing. It's what attracted me to it in the first place. Other models have this weird angle that I imagine would be very uncomfortable. Not this one.

By mlmac, Mid michigan

The problem with many silicone products is that they can smell once they come into contact with any sex fluids. I don't know what the Mangasm Edge is made out of, but it's hard like plastic and doesn't smell at all when I use it. So I'm happy with it.

By Jimenko, New Jersey

I've tried the Mangasm Alpha and was happy with it. Decided to try the Mangasm Edge mostly because the description said that it's made out of a harder plastic and I wanted harder pressure on my perineum. The bulb on the tab is larger so it covers a bigger area which I like. The vibrations are surprisingly strong. I haven't used it on the highest setting. I'm not sure I will because I think that might be too much for me.

By Andrey2052, Russia
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