Ladygasm Yes !

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Ladygasm Yes !

MaterialMedical Grade Silicone
Safety FeaturesLatex-Free, Hypo-Allergenic
Powered byBattery Operated 2 AAA
Functions7 Patterns & 4 Modes
Special FeaturesWaterproof
Toy SizeLength: 7” Insertable Length: 4.5” Width: 1.25”

Ladygasm Yes !

Unique G-spot Stimulator

18 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$49.95 $39.95

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Product Details

Feeling Like An Adventure?
Anal sex toys are what some adventurous women use to take bedroom fun to the next level. We all know the joys of the “other” sex toys, but anal sex toys are that forbidden fruit a lot of women have always wondered but never tried. The Ladygasm Anal Explorer will allow you (or you and your partner) to safely explore anal play. The toy is about 7 inches long but only 1.5 inches in diameter, with a teardrop shape at the top, and a ring on the end, as a convenient means of control. Remember not to ever use an anal toy without some kind of a ring or large section on the outer end. You don’t want to have to explain that trip to the emergency room....

Great Anal Sex Practice
The Anal Explorer is also great for women who are contemplating anal sex, but aren’t quite ready for the real thing. This toy works as a great warm up to the real thing – at least we received a lot of emails informing us of that! And plus, you can always use it with your man, so that both of you can experience something new and exciting. This toy is equally fun for him as it is for her! To learn more, click the video link to watch Ms. Ladygasm explain how to use this toy.

Ladygasm Yes ! Reviews
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Another toy by Ladygasm that is low-cost and offers a lot of pleasure! It’s not rechargeable, but the batteries do last for several play sessions.

By Lady Smile, n a galaxy, far far away...

A great toy all around, the Yes hits my g-spot like a pro, and feels good on the clitoris too. I love that the buttons are easy to access during play, so you can change the vibration patterns and speeds without interrupting your pleasure.

By kaylajoy89, California

This light-weight toy is a great travel companion since I don’t have to worry about bringing the charger along. The batteries last for hours, so it’s great for weekend getaways.

By Toy Fiend , North Carolina

The insertable portion of the toy is made from silicone which means it’s hypo-allergenic (very important for me). And it offers 8 different vibration modes and intensities, so no matter what mood I’m in, the Yes can give me what I want. Plus, the settings are very easy to control while you’re in the midst of playing – definitely a bonus.

By mrssnyder, Uniontown

Very unique movement of the tip which I have come to really love.

By balalaika, louisiana

I wasn’t sure how the moving tip would feel, but at a price so low I couldn’t resist giving it a try. Let me tell you – that tip feels amazing when inserted, and has given me some of my best orgasms.

By bitch1, Iowa

You can easily use this toy internally or externally, and both ways feel amazing. The pointed tip feels like a finger inside, and a tongue on the outside. Any way you put it – it feels great.

By chri, colorado

The pointed tip flicks back and forth, sort of like a tongue or a finger – and hits directly on the g-spot. Plus, it’s got 8 different vibration modes to add to the pleasure. It takes 2 AAA batteries, but they last several hours. Overall a great toy – especially at it’s low price.

By gwenevieve, Tucson

If you’re a woman who has been struggling with finding her g-spot (like I WAS…) then you’ve got to try the Yes. The first time I used it I had the most intense orgasm of my life. Since then, this baby has been used more times than it can count, and it never disappoints.

By satinlady550, Las Vegas

The Yes has a very unique tip that seems to know exactly where to hit the ‘sweet spot’. Plus, I’ve used it with my boyfriend as a regular clit vibrator and it really adds some fun to our regular sex routine.

By karenm, Virginia

Really good quality, especially for the price. I like the different vibration modes, and the batteries last for a pretty decent amount of time, although I wish it was rechargeable instead.

By rosythorn, Miami

I’ve tried a fair number of g-spot vibes in the past, but had trouble getting to hit the right spot. That’s definitely not the case with this beauty. Incredibly intense orgasms every time I use it. And call me silly, but I love the little feet on the base so I can keep it handy on my nightstand.

By LoganAshlee, Plymouth

The Yes is a very affordable toy, made with the ever-popular silicone material. Silicone allows for a very smooth finish, and needs little to no lubricant for most women. It’s intended for internal g-spot stimulation, but the flicking sensation of the tip feels great on the clit too, and it’s got 8 different vibration modes, so every women should be happy with this guy.

By SaucyxGirl, Toledo

The Yes’s unique design is unlike anything you’ve ever tried. The pointed tip moves in a way similar to a curling finger (hard to describe, sorry), and hits the g-spot in a way I’ve never felt before. The smooth silicone material makes it easy to use, even without lube, and the two small buttons on the base make it easy to change the settings during play. Plus, you can always use it as a regular clit vibe as well – two toys in one!

By Ayogirl230, Washington

This toy is basically the same as one of the Lelo toys but for half the price. Kudos to you, Ladygasm!

By Fay, Washington

Positive points for this toy include that it is made from silicone, and that it is battery operated, instead of rechargeable. I for one do not like rechargeable toys because I always forget to charge them. The up/down movement is a very novel idea but I’m not sure its better than a normal rabbit type vibrator. I recommend this if you are looking to try something new. Negative point is that this may not work for every woman’s anatomy.

By Jane, Vancouver

I must not have a g-spot. Is that even possible? = /

By Marsha, Cleveland

You have to apply pressure in a very exact way for that rotating arm thing to work, but once you figure it out, its quite surprising. Also I like this toy is made from silicone and is so safe to use. I got some cheap toys before that caused a reaction.

By Diana, Bucharest
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