Ladygasm Vibrating Egg

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$22.95 $14.95

Ladygasm Vibrating Egg

TextureSmooth & Hard
Safety Features Hypo-allergenic, latex-free
Powered by3 AA batteries
Functions7 vibration modes
Special FeaturesBatteries last 6+ hours!
Toy SizeEgg is 1.5" tall, 1" wide

Ladygasm Vibrating Egg

7 Modes Of Vibrating Pleasure

29 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$22.95 $14.95

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Product Details

A World Of Pleasure For Under $20
What’s so great about the Ladygasm Vibrating Egg? The vibration intensity, for starters. Most vibrating egg toys are underpowered and therefore under-deliver where it counts – the strength of vibration. Our super egg uses 3 AAA batteries and an unusually high quality vibrating motor, to deliver 6 modes of vibrating bliss. In fact, this bullet is rated for 200 hours of use! You can insert the bullet to hit your g spot, or keep it on the outside if you prefer to be clitorally stimulated.

Clean Up Is A Breeze
Our bullet is made from a special type of coated plastic so it feels soft - almost like it is coated with a thin layer of silicone. Keeping this type of product clean and hygienic is a breeze with any toy cleaning solution (see our lubes and cleaners category). Whether you use it alone or with a partner – you’ll be pleased with what a great value you are getting! Millions of women have chosen this model as their first vibrator – and rightly so. It’s a perfect choice. To learn more, click the video link for a full explanation by Ms. Ladygasm herself!

Ladygasm Vibrating Egg Reviews
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by 29 Users
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An excellent vibrator, that although simple, delivers serious pleasure to your most intimate parts. The vibrations are more than strong enough and I for one can get off very quickly. It also feels great on other areas too, like the nipples or even back of the neck. Excellent toy at a very good price. Highly recommended.

By Anna27, PA

Easy to clean and should my kids every happen to find it in my nightstand they probably wouldn’t know what it was. Very important with such prying little eyes around!

By waterview21, Maine

The vibrating egg has 7 vibration patterns in the small bullet. You can control the vibrations with the hand-held controller attached to the bullet with a small cord. It says water-resistant, but I took it in the shower and it did get water inside. It didn’t work when I tried afterwards, but it did dry and worked again. I think I took the water-resistant thing a bit too far, and will remember that in the future.

By WhiteStarlight, sky

I wanted to buy something for my girlfriend that she would enjoy on her own, but we could also have fun with together. I decided on this one, and if the look on her face tells me anything when we use it – she’s VERY happy with it!

By kadelette, WA

It’s got great vibrations but I’m not a fan of the color or the connector cord. I wish the buttons were on the actual device.

By heeeey, New Jersey

7 different vibration modes, so there’s always one that suits your mood, although the basic buzz on the second speed is all I ever really need. Overall a great little vibrator, and more than worth it at such a low price.

By ShyButLearning, Greater Chicagoland

New time vibe user here, and I didn’t have a clue where to begin. Chose this one, and it’s perfect. Small size, looks cute, and delivers on the vibrations. I think next time I’ll try one with internal stimulation as well though.

By sexyscreenname, Stafford

I think it’s intended for external clit stimulation only, but it feels great inserted as well. Not sure it really hits the g-spot, but it feels good nonetheless. Good purchase.

By @LucyLemonade, USA

Low price makes it a great starter vibe, and it lasts for hours on a single set of batteries.

By Ivanna, Seattle

Love the size of the toy. Very easy to control the different settings of which it has 7 different vibe modes to keep you always entertained.

By juliax, KS

An easy to use vibrator for those who enjoy clit stimulation on its own. Great addition to any couple’s sex time too.

By 83f, Vancouver

It’s made of hard plastic, which isn’t my favorite, but the vibes are pretty good.

By Cat V., Wisconsin

The Egg is a really great vibrator! Nice vibrations and multiple settings get the job done.

By saara, Minneapolis

As an advanced sex toy enthusiast I figured this toy was below my fun levels, but upon recommendation from a friend I figured I’d give it a try. It really is a great little gadget, and it lasts a really long time on just 3 AA batteries. It’s perfect for travel, and I’ve even been known to use it in the bathroom at work during a really stressful day. It’s very quiet, so I don’t have to worry about anyone hearing me.

By LuLu-Pop, East Coast, USA

The egg is a great addition to any toy collection. It’s not fully waterproof but it’s water-resistant so I’ve taken it in the shower many times as that’s the most private time I ever get. It feels amazing and gets me to orgasm quickly. Great value at this price.

By GirlOnGirl, Chicago, IL

A great vibe for those who don’t want anything too fancy. While it doesn’t hit the g-spot, it feels good inserted just a bit to create vibrations on the labia as well as the clitoris. All around a great toy.

By xcapricax, nc

I can’t believe how long the batteries last, and how powerful it is. Way better than similar vibes I already own.

By heather-mooney, arizona

A great, simple vibrator that does exactly what I need it do. Paired with my favorite dildo or even used during sex with my husband, it more than fulfills my needs.

By nates girl, montpelier Ohio

It’s a good vibrator, and is pretty powerful but it’s a bit too basic for my tastes.

By vittmsk, Minnesota

The bullet delivers good vibrations, and is easily controlled by the hand-held piece, so there’s no interruption in play when you want to change settings. Whether you want to insert the vibe to create stimulation on the sensitive nerves inside the vagina, or use it strictly as a clitoris vibrator. Both ways it works very well!

By ~BabyCakes~, Dublin, GA

As a first-time vibrator owner, I was a little scared of so many of the toys out there that honestly look a bit crazy and complicated. This toy is very easy to use and pretty quiet, although the top speed can be a bit noisy. I don’t usually have to put it on top speed, though as it’s very powerful on the lower settings.

By Sera26, PA

The Vibrating Egg from Ladygasm is the perfect vibrator for any beginner, but can also add some fun for advanced users too. I’ve had a similar vibrator before, but it wasn’t very powerful. Not true for this little guy. It is very powerful, and has 7 different settings. It takes 3 AA batteries but they last for many hours and it’s water-resistant, so cleaning is a breeze. A really good product and at a great price.

By cyclona66, Georgia

I heard a few girlfriends talking about this so had to try it. What a nifty little gadget, it was very quiet and great for a hotel stay. Although it get a bit too loud after setting 4. May want to fix that. Kept me smiling after lunch-Thanks!

By funinpublic

Do these come in any colors but pink? They are really nice, but girly colored. I like black or flesh, the neutrals can blend in. Its just as pleasing as the day I bought it, so pink had to do, but I want a gift.

By saxyfuntimes

Mine was well used, and had a short but with the guarantee it was replaced pretty quickly. Was $5 bucks in shipping though. But totally worth it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good massager that's fairly priced.

By unicornhunter84

I really didn’t know where to start and didn’t want any big toys. This Ladygasm Vibrating Egg was perfect. Its cute and hand size, and is very long lasting.

By her_property

The Egg was indeed a vibrating toy. I wanted something to play with my partner and she could use by herself. Well, with 7 settings, there is a setting for every occasion let me tell you. That little pink thing can boogie. I really enjoyed using this on my girl and she looks like she enjoyed it as well.

By Phonesexsavior

My girlfriend and I really wanted to get a piece that was versatile. I really like the 7 speeds of this unit. I really like this massager it’s pretty nice. We both agree, however, that we don’t really care for the connector cord.

By shinylove89

I was just checking out new vibrators and saw this little guy. I love the fact the egg has many settings, although 7 is a bit much. It says "water resistant" but with a cord and sliding settings button, water got in the unit. So it shorted out. BOO.

By Babydoll4eva
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