Ladygasm Pocket Rocket 4 Piece Kit

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$59.95 $47.95

Ladygasm Pocket Rocket 4 Piece Kit

MaterialMixed Materials - ABS + TPR
Safety Features100% Body Safe
Powered by1 AA Battery
Special Features4 Attachments To Rock Your World
Toy Size4" Long

Ladygasm Pocket Rocket 4 Piece Kit

Super Portable Pleasure!

23 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$59.95 $47.95

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Product Details

The Pocket Rocket Is Our Best Seller
Push your pleasure to the limit with this little, discreet, and super-powerful vibrator and attachments! This travel teaser kit is the perfect all-in-one beginner’s vibrator set, complete with a pulse-racing pocket rocket and extras that take your pleasure to its peak.

Are you new to vibrators? Good news! Our first-timer travel kit is easy to use. Just grab a AA battery, pop it into the pocket rocket vibrator, and twist shut. Give the vibrator another twist to set this naughty little sex toy buzzing with power! Use the three rounded nubs at the top of the vibrator for targeted clitoral, nipple, or testicle stimulation, or let the vibrator’s velvet-coated surface glide along skin for an effortless erotic massage.

Then, Push Your Limits!
When you’re looking for more, try adding one of four exciting attachments included in your kit. Just slip them onto the top of the pocket rocket. The clit cupper attachment is designed to envelop your clitoris in softness and tease with ticklers in the center. Or add the rounded nubby head for a tickling, teasing massage that’ll electrify your hot spots. Finally, take the tongue-shaped tickler for a spin to feel soft flicks wherever you crave them (hint: add lube for a more lifelike feeling).

This small and discreet vibrator kit is a fantastic choice for sex toy newcomers and experts looking for a quality pocket rocket set. This waterproof vibrator can go with you into the tub or shower, and cleans easily with soap and water or one of our many Toy Cleaners.

Ladygasm Pocket Rocket 4 Piece Kit Reviews
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Not a bad set, I think it's more for beginners than advanced users, but it was a good price and it does have good variety.

By Elyse R, American Fork, UT

I would recommend the purchase - it was good value for money and the shipping was quick

By Happy Wife, Toronto, Ontario

Waterproof toys are often expensive, but here are 5 different types at an amazing price! SCORE!

By Cecilia R, Fresno, California

I travel a lot, and this is perfect to take with me on the go. The attachments are easy to switch, and it only takes one AA battery which is great.

By Colin J., Germany

A friend bought me this as a gift when she learned I'd never used a vibrator. Now I'm online looking for more more more

By Jeff M, Nashville, TN

I didn't really like the round ball with the spikes, but the others were really nice.

By J. H., California

This great for anyone new to sex toys, or anyone who wants a discreet toy. They are small, but powerful and I've had many blissful orgasms with them.

By Katarina, United Kingdom

They are so easy to use, and they clean up really well as well - even with just soap and water.

By Holly M, Vancouver, B.C.

No complaints - this was exactly what I was looking for!

By Kenzie, Burlington, Vermont

The shipping was quick and easy, and each day so far I've been treating myself to yet another "new" toy. So much variety in one purchase!

By Marcus H, Virginia

Difficult to remove the attachments.

By Chase P, Wyoming

FOUR WORDS: Every girls needs this!

By Alexia, Madison, WI

Overall it was a pretty good purchase, but I wish that it had a few more attachments - some more unique ones would be good.

By Graeme, South Dakota

This is a nice small toy, that has some powerful attachments! It's so easy to change the head, and it's like getting 5 vibes for the price of one! (and a good price too!)

By Happy Customer, Quebec City

The pocket rocket lasts for a good amount of time on just the one battery, and the only problem I have with it, is trying to decide with attachment to use!

By Sofia R, Montana

The plain vibe is not that great. I know that it comes with attachments, but I think it should be a bit better on its own.

By R.G, Forth Worth, Texas

I love to use the original on my nipples, and even on my neck. I have tried it out in the bathtub, and it actually seems waterproof!

By Taylor H, Indiana

If you want variety but don't want to spend a lot of money, then you will definitely like this kit. Perfect for a beginner or advanced.

By Skylar, Columbus, OH

I know it's a "pocket rocket" but I still thought it would be bigger.

By Kim B, Boston, Massachusetts

It may be small, but it's powerful! I was actualyl quite surprised at the power it packed, and all the attachments are really good, excpet I don't much like the one that looks like rabbit ears.

By Melanie B, Illinois

SUCH A GOOD PRICE! You get so many attachments, and they feel so good! And it is actually waterproof - I've given it a few goes and it still works perfect.

By James H, New York

This is a great starter kit for any girl who doesn't know exactly what they want. There are so many types in this one kit, and the price is really good! Just be warned - you'll end up buy large versions once you get a taste! haha

By Scarlett, Los Angeles, California

This is an absolute must-have!!! This kit comes with everything you need to take your pleasure anywhere you go! If you want to travel light, just take the basic pocket rocket with you, and those three nubs feel SO GOOD on their own! But if you don't have to worry about traveling light - TAKE THE ATTACHMENTS!!! OMG, so great! I love the "tongue" with some good lube, and my other fave is the one that goes inside ADN hits your clit. For this price, every chick should one!

By F.C., California
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