Ladygasm Flux Anal Beads

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Ladygasm Flux Anal Beads

Safety Features Ring on the end
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Special FeaturesFor men & women
Toy SizeWidth of beads range from .3" to 1"

Ladygasm Flux Anal Beads

Silicone Anal Toy For Men & Women

17 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$34.95 $29.95

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Product Details

The Not So Traditional Anal Toy
The Ladygasm Flux is an easy way to explore the pleasures of anal play. Shaped somewhat like traditional anal beads, this is no ordinary anal toy. The Ladygasm Flux is made from medical grade silicone, the easiest to clean and most hygienic out of all sex toy materials. When playing with anal toys - take our advice - material is important! Other than the material, what makes this toy great is that each of the beads is larger than the next, making it the perfect toy for beginners. The first ball is easy to insert, the second will feel more intense, and the third - well...lets just say we saved the best for last. By the time you or your partner inserts the 3rd bead, all that's left is the ring. Pulling slowly on the ring will give your partner the sensation of his or her life! We promise.

Includes Safety Ring
You’ll notice this toy was designed with a ring on one end. This makes it particularly safe for anal play, as believe it or not- people who play with anal toys lacking such a ring have gotten them stuck up there. That’s a hospital visit you don’t want to have. Enjoy!

Ladygasm Flux Anal Beads Reviews
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Not much to say, except the feel great.

By sexyscreenname, Stafford

A great set of anal beads. I’ve been using them regularly in combination with my favorite vibrators for over a year now. I wash them after each use, and they still look good as new.

By ShyButLearning, Greater Chicagoland

With any anal toy, safety should always be a concern. Ladygasm has it covered with a soft, seamless toy and the large ring on the end prevents the toy from slipping too far inside the anus. Also made of medical grade silicone – no worries here.

By heeeey, New Jersey

Really great toy. Silicone is soft and smooth, and lubes up well for easy insertion and retrieval.

By kadelette, WA

The Flux is an ideal toy for anyone interested in anal stimulation. It’s a great size for a beginner, as you can work your way up in size gradually as you insert the toy, stopping each time where you feel comfortable. Even for more advanced users, the largest bead is a great size and puts enough pressure on the anus that I’m sure it would be a hit with them too.

By juliax, KS

Excellent quality that I’ve come to expect from Ladygasm. They’re easy to insert, and even easier to keep clean. However, I just wish there was one more bead. One more bead and I’d give it 5 stars.

By 83f, Vancouver

I’ve been giving anal sex to my boyfriend for years. I knew he’d love the way these felt, but he refused to try it. I withheld anal sex from him until he gave up and said he’d try. Now he’s fighting me for them, he loved the feeling so much!

By Cat V., Wisconsin

A really good price for a nice silicone toy. Great to use for both men and women. As a male, I have experienced some of my longest-lasting orgasms while I’ve had these inserted in my anus during sex with my wife. I never thought I’d like that, but it feels great.

By saara, Minneapolis

They’re a great price, and made of top quality material, I just think they’re a bit stiff for me, and the balls are too close together. I want some room to pull.

By LuLu-Pop, East Coast, USA

I enjoy using the Flux during sex, masturbation or sometimes just wear them around the house for a bit of naughty pleasure. I just wish they weren’t bright pink. Not a color I associate nicely with anal play.

By GirlOnGirl, Chicago, IL

These beads are made from 100% medical-grade silicone so be sure to use only water-based lubricant. They are very easy to clean with soap and water, sex toy cleaner, or even boil them for complete sterilization.

By xcapricax, nc

The Flux is a great anal toy for both men and women. My boyfriend and I share this toy, since it’s fully sterilizable in boiling water – no chance of transferring any diseases. Both of us love keeping it in during sex - it makes the orgasms so much stronger. I think we’re just going to buy a second one so we can both have fun at the same time.

By heather-mooney, arizona

My husband has always wanted to have anal sex, but I’ve been too shy. It was coming up to our ten year anniversary, and I wanted to surprise him. About a month before I started using this toy, and it was a great way to get me used to the sensations of anal penetration. On our anniversary night I surprised him with a gift he’ll never forget!

By nates girl, montpelier Ohio

Great anal beads for anal beginners, and I reckon experienced players too. They go up in size slowly, making it easy for insertion. Pulling them out is a whole different story though. Make sure you have enough lube! I was a bit tense the first time I did it, and obviously that made it more difficult. Once I relaxed, I was very impressed with the sensations.

By vittmsk, Minnesota

I’ve got the Ladygasm vice and now the Flux. I’d had anal sex before, but never played with an anal toy. I lubed up my anus and the Flux, then inserted it. It was pretty easy going in. I gently tugged on the ring, and the feeling was amazing. So what else to do but get out the Vice, right? I inserted the vice into my vagina while the smaller arm rubbed my clit, and I was tugging on the ring of the Flux. Woah. I didn’t count, but I think I came in about 15 seconds. Amazing feeling!

By ~BabyCakes~, Dublin, GA

The first time I tried to use them I only got to the second bead before deciding I had gone far enough. The second time I felt more comfortable and got the third one in. It’s quite a sensation when you pull them out. I’ve had them for almost 6 months now, and the only thing is – I wish there was one more larger bead (now that I’m clearly a pro and all).

By Sera26, PA

This was my first time using anal beads, and it was quite a sensation. I chose these silicone beads over the traditional, because I didn’t think the strings on the classic beads looked very hygienic. These silicone beads have no electric parts or anything, so you can actually drop them into boiling water for sterilization if you wish. I really liked how it started out smaller and got bigger. Really great anal toy, at least for beginners like me anyway.

By cyclona66, Georgia
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