Ladygasm Cici

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$73.95 $54.95

Ladygasm Cici

MaterialSilicone & ABS
Safety Features Latex-Free, Hypo-Allergenic
Powered by2 AAA Batteries
Functions7 Vibration Modes & 4 Levels
Special Features2 Motors Can Be Independent
Toy SizeLength: 7” Insertable Length: 4 ”Width: 1.25”

Ladygasm Cici

Compact Dual-Stim Vibrator

26 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$73.95 $54.95

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Product Details

Big Pleasure, Small Package
The Ladygasm Cici is one of our most affordable luxury vibrators. The top half is made from the supple medical-grade silicone for a premium body-friendly feel that warms quickly to your body temperature. The control pad features two buttons - one cycles through eight delightful vibration modes while the other allows the user to turn the clitoral stimulation motor on and off. A G-spot stimulating stem hits your sweet spot and delivers targeted vibrations to push you over the edge.

Ergonomic Erotica
We've taken great care to make sure that the contours of the Ladygasm Cici vibrator are compatible with the contours of a woman’s body. Sloped edges, a gently curving tip and stimulating pleasure nubs ensure that users of all shapes and sizes will enjoy discovering the pleasure of this surprisingly powerful sex toy. The Cici uses two AAA size batteries for vibrating pleasure and will last for approximately 3 hours of unforgettable playtime for each set.

Ladygasm Cici Reviews
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A silicone toy at this price is usually unheard of. It’s not rechargeable, but what can you really expect for the price? I’d recommend it.

By Creepellah, Los Angeles

The vibrations are quiet but very strong, and even still the batteries last hours. (It takes 2 AAA’s) It fits me well, and the material is very easy to clean.

By Rossie, Pacific

The two heads mean double pleasure. It’s my first experience with a toy that hits the g-spot and the clit at the same time, and my orgasms were out of this world. Definitely a toy that I would recommend!

By Kira, LA

The Cici is a two-headed vibrator designed to fit the shape of most women, and it’s made of high-grade silicone material. For those women who are interested in trying this style of vibrator but don’t like the cost that’s usually attached, the Cici is for you.

By meowkitty61, florida

Loved everything about the toy. I often bring it with me on my business travels since it’s not too big, and very light. One set of batteries is more than enough for one weekend away.

By lslsls9, Pennsylvania

The vibe feels pretty good, but I wish it came in other colors.

By sexytileena, Dallas

One of the most affordable toys I’ve found that is actually good quality. The silicone material is top of the line and it’s really easy to keep clean. It doesn’t attract dirt and other things like some of the other materials do. An excellent toy – especially for its price point.

By ingrid58, TX

TooThe Cici has two heads – one for clitoral stimulation and one for the g-spot. It hit both spots really easily, and it’s great for couple play too. My boyfriend and I have used it many times – especially in doggy style. I can place the smaller head on my clitoris, and the larger head will stimulate his balls. Serious orgasms had by both of us.

By Kissy, Detroit

The little spiky pieces on the part for the clitoris really add something to the toy. It’s a great price, great feeling, and the batteries last a lot longer than other toys I’ve used.

By Rika, kentucky

Unlike my other rabbit vibrator, this one allows you to choose whether you want two motors running or just one depending on your mood. It has 8 vibration modes, which is a bit much for me, but I’ve figured out my three favorites and usually rely on those.

By roskat, North

I only like to buy silicone toys, but they’re usually quite expensive. So when I saw the Cici at such a low price, I had to give it a try. I’m glad I did. The smooth, soft finish is exactly as I have come to expect from a silicone toy and it fit the contours of my body perfectly. While it isn’t rechargeable, the batteries last several hours. Overall, it was a great purchase.

By teaganlilly, SoCal

moodThe vibrations are very intense, and there is a separate motor in each head, so you can actually choose to have only the clit stimulator vibrating, or both. There are 8 different vibration patterns as well, from steady vibes to pulsations, so there is something for any mood you’re in.

By Crissy1988, PA

The length of the shaft hits my g-spot really well, and the small ticklers on the clit stimulator feel great. One of the best rabbit style vibrators I’ve tried.

By SydneyScreams, Florida

Definitely worth the price! The toy is made of top quality silicone material so it’s soft and smooth to the touch. It barely needs any lubricant. I know every woman is different, but it hit all the right spots with no problem at all, especially since the clitoral stimulator is very flexible, so you can put the vibes exactly where you want them.

By lzee, Moscow

The batteries last hours, and the vibrations are intense. Good vibrator.

By Tbanda, USA

This is worth very penny you pay for it- which is decent anyway! My boyfriend was confused as to the look, he said it looked like an "alien back scratcher" when he pulled it out of the box..I will say it does scratch an itch!! Its very cute and love the specially angled design.

By shinylove89

I really liked this put the insert-able part isn't really that long. Maybe 4-5"? I cant seem to find any past 7" that is inserted. I wish there were a few options for those of use that like really deep penetrations. I cant complain as the money wasn't much, but just a so-so experience.

By saxyfuntimes

HOW PRETTY! Shipped FAST and put to work immediately. Amen HalleLOO.

By funinpublic

A+++++ all the way. I hope for more colors (hear that people at Ladygasm) but the packaging was very nice and the shape really hugged my inner curves. I was impressed at how much it seemed tailored for me. A real surprise is that it was one of the lower priced ones for this type and quality. I cant recommend it enough. Scored with me.

By Phonesexsavior

Talk about 7 minutes in Heaven. One for each setting. I will admit that a minute lapsed to several as I worked my way up the steps of Heaven. I liked it had a thick handle so it was comfortable to hold and maneuver. Only 2 batteries was nice, as some talk up till 6. I didn't notice a loss of power so that was cool. Overall a very nice purchase.

By Incendiaire

I was very impressed at the quality of this. We got it shipped overnight for a party and what a pleasure it was...literally. I don't usually leave gushing reviews...but this warranted it. It was very quiet and I loved how sleek and sexy it was.

By Menarae

I love a big fat handle that gives you a good grip. This toy has a great shape and is so nice to use. My GF usually doesn't like toys, but she really let this one relax her and we started at level 2 and by 6 she was quivering and in that "Yes, please...Oh God Don't...but Do it now" kind of phase and then it hit 7 and it was so hot watching her. We plan on ordering more, before demand shoots the price up. Its that good.

By Rumba21

We purchased this in Jan and it was delivered with prompt service. She has loved it ever since and ever talked me into trying it for a fun switch. It was too much for me but the clit stimulator did feel good as it separates the balls. A good toy for its price to share or buy two.

By unicornhunter84

Soft and silky. Very nice to have a swollen handle for good traction. Delivery was quick as usual from this site.

By Babydoll4eva

I was scared when I saw this that it would smell, as it said silicone based, but it was fragrance free and had a clean smell about it. I love it and it was packaged very safely. A++++++

By her_property

This is worth very penny you pay for it- which is decent anyway! My boyfriend was confused as to the look, he said it looked like an "alien back scratcher" when he pulled it out of the box..I will say it does scratch an itch!! Its very cute and love the specially angled design.

By shinylove89
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