Fat Boy Extender Sport 6.5” Inch

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$59.95 $52.95

Fat Boy Extender Sport 6.5” Inch

MaterialSilicone, TPR
TextureSmooth, nubs and ribs inside
Safety FeaturesPhthalate Free
Powered byN/A
FunctionsProsthetic Penis Enhancer
Special FeaturesHollow
Toy Size6.5” Outer Dimension, 5.5” Inner Dimension

Fat Boy Extender Sport 6.5” Inch

Enhance and Masturbate

14 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$59.95 $52.95

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Product Details

Cushion Your Pushin’
Big, fat and intense, adding the Fat Boy Extender Sport 6.5” Inch to your erection will take your sex life to the next level. This super-stretchy sleeve fits over your existing hard-on to make it even thicker, treating your lover to an incredible experience. You’ll get the benefit of enhanced control during sex while enjoying the toe-curling sensations from a textured inner sleeve. While this enhancer doesn’t work as a condom, it does add a new dimension to your erotic experiences.

Securely Strapped
Unlike other PPE (prosthetic penis enhancer) sex toys, the Fat Boy Extender Sport 6.5” Inch uses no waist or leg straps. It connects via a soft and comfortable stretch ring that wraps around your testicles. Not only does this design keep the toy in place throughout sex, it provides additional stimulation to your balls with every movement.

Fat Boy Extender Sport 6.5” Inch Reviews
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The Silaskin material is really great, and it fits my cock so tight i lov eit. The nibs on the inside make for some serious pleasure while screwing.

By James, Chicago, IL

This is like a cock ring, a masturbator and an extention in one - kind of. But really, the way it grabs your balls make for intense cumming, and unlike some of the hard material extendors, this is like using a masturbation sleeve while you'r ehaving sex. I can still last longer than normal sex, but it feels soooo good.

By HGT, Bellevue, WA

Both me and my boyfriend have one. We both love men with thick cocks, and we love to both wear these during sex. When he enters me I can use it as a masturbation tool and the way it grabs the nuts is out of this world

By Mark, Washington, DC

It's not the cheapest toy on the market, but it's worth the money ten times over. Feels great!

By Patrick, North Dakota

This is the first extender that has made both me and my wife feel great. It adds a lot of girth, and the nubs on the inside really feel good on my shaft.

By Jonas, Holland

INCREDIBLE! AMAZING! HUGE! What else can I say.

By Love This, West Virginia

My boyfriend is used to really thick men, and I just don't measure up. I felt bad about it, so I went out and bought this bad boy. Now he says I'm almost the thickest man he's ever been with.

By Thick Man, Burlington, Vermont

It's really easy to get on and off, especially with a big of lube. Fits nicely against the penis and doesn't chaffe - instead it feels great.

By L.N., Canada

Worth the money spent! I'd recommend to any man who's lacking in the girth department.

By Louis, BC, Canada

My wife won't stop talking about how much better I feel now that I'm wider. After her first kid, things loosened up if you know what I mean, and I can finally please her like I used to

By R.Smith, Long Beach, CA

I really love the SilaSkin, it's really flexible and easy to put on and feels great against my own skin.

By Nick, Russia

One of the best toys my man and I have in our collection. I love to get stretched

By Donnie, Las Vegas

I bought this as a surprise for my wife because she fantasizes about being with a really thick cock. I blindfolded her, got her wet, and then entered her with this. She came SO QUICK and has since told all her friends they need to try it!

By David G, New York City

This material is way better than anything I've tried. Great product!

By Henry, Jasper, Canada
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