Quiet. Classy. Rechargeable. Silicone. Yes, you need one.

A Lelo massager is no mere sex toy; it's a work of art. Lelo products are made from the highest quality materials and can be recharged over 1000 times. Plus, every Lelo vibrator is ultra-quiet, so you can better focus on your pleasure. So, which Lelo vibrator is right for you? Take your pick of the top 5 best sellers.

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Whisper Quiet

If you've owned female sex toys, then you'll know that there's nothing that can spoil the moment quite like a loud vibrating motor. That's why Lelo vibrators were developed to be the quietest female pleasure objects on Earth. Every Lelo toy uses small state of the art motors that are as durable as they are silent. As a Lelo sex toy owner, when the right moment arrives, you'll never have to worry about loud noises altering the mood . You'll never worry about who's lurking in the next room and whether or not they'll hear some evidence of what a great time you are having. With Lelo vibrators you can expect near silence while you enjoy yourself.

Elegantly Rechargeable

Your Lelo massager will never need new batteries. All Lelo products have batteries built in which can be recharged more than 1,000 times. What does it mean for you? It means that whenever you are ready for pleasure, your Lelo is also ready. All of the Lelo toys have a small hole on the bottom that accepts the recharger cable. There are no manuals to read and no special instructions to follow. Just plug it in, wait a couple of hours and your Lelo is ready for action. With every full charge, you'll be experiencing a full 4 hours of fun! The rechargeable battery is not only convenient, but a big money saver, too. Just think about how many batteries you won't be buying.

Silky Silicone

Why is every Lelo massager made from silicone? Because it's the most hygienic and most comfortable material available. Lelo only uses medical grade silicone which is guaranteed to be non porous, making your Lelo sex toy safe to use and easy to clean. Many other brands of female sex toys use materials that are either difficult or impossible to thoroughly disinfect. Not something you want to think about while enjoying yourself! When you are using your Lelo vibrator, you'll know why hundreds of thousands of women have chosen this brand, from all over the world. If you demand only the best for yourself, you'll demand a Lelo sex toy.