So you understand that the male g spot is located on the prostate, and that it is a man's second pleasure center after his penis? Good. The prostate doesn't stimulate itself - which is where prostate massaging and prostate milking come in. Prostate massage and prostate milking are ways of stimulating the prostate to create pleasurable sensations.

The prostate, like the penis, is full of nerve endings. Through prostate massage, those nerve endings can be excited even to the point of causing you to orgasm without touching your penis. If you masturbate while your prostate is being massaged - all physical sensations are heightened - and you will have to take great care not to orgasm immediately.

Using a Mangasm tool to have an amazing male g spot orgasm is simple. First, select the Mangasm tools that are right for you. Most customers prefer to buy 2-3 tools at once so that they can experience a range of sensations. Once you have received your Mangasm tool in the mail, wash it, and apply lubrication. Lying on your side, slowly and gently insert the tool until it is firmly seated. The Mangasm tools are each designed to automatically massage your prostate. Just slight movements of your body will allow the massager to stimulate you in ways you never knew existed. The male g spot massage will cause you to have an erection almost immediately and will make your penis super sensitive. At this point, you may masturbate as normal, but you will notice that the pleasurable sensations are constant and intense. When you orgasm - beware - you will shoot 2-4 times as much semen!