Why Try New Sexual Positions?

The ancient Hindu canon, Kama Sutra has infused popular culture with a variety of innovative ways to get laid. Kama Sutra literally means "sexual connection", and there's no surprise why sex positions is the prime associated way to fuse two sexual energies together. The manifestation of your two bodies can take a range of tones, from aggressive, to poetic, to quick to romantic. Whichever way your bodies interlock for the deed, trying sex positions should be fun, innovative, bring two people closer and ultimately bring you to orgasm.

There are positions where women find it easier to orgasm. Finding the best way to climax takes research - alone and with a partner. Achieving a vaginal orgasm is one of those coveted experiences that women vie for and celebrate. I didn't experience a vaginal orgasm until I was 26 years old, so don't fret if it hasn't happened to you yet. It's something to work towards.

The way that women are shaped means that the woman-on-top position makes it to orgasm. Depending on the fit of the phallus (dildo, or real dick), her G-Spot is most likely to be reached and massaged during sex when she's on top. Set the scene for climax by having lots of foreplay and allowing all stresses, nerves and anxieties melt away. You're not going to cum if your mind is preoccupied with your To-Do list, with washing your sheets after sex, or wondering whether or not your sex partner can see you fat rolls. An orgasm in its most basic of senses, is a muscle spasm; if you're tense trying to suck in your stomach, or careening over to make sure your sexy lover sees your ass in a certain light, your cum is going to be so much farther behind than you think! Not to mention, your lover should think you're hot shit anyways! If not, you're in the wrong bed.

Different sex positions will spur different sensations. You'll have to experiment to find what's the hottest for you. In general though, other than woman-on-top, Miss Ladygasm recommends the Scissor Legs position. It involves you lying on your side, lifting one leg, and for your partner to cradle the leg on the bed between his legs. When he enters you, your pelvic bones will be perfectly interlocked instead of competing against one other (like it is in missionary. You know when you sleep with a man who is pretty slender, and you feel his hip bones on your sides? Well, with Scissor Legs, none of that happens). Because the flesh, bones and tissue that usually stand between his penis and your vagina are now at a minimal, he's going that much deeper into you. It's also pretty hot when he can catch a side-view of your bosoms!

These are just some of my suggestions. Every couple will explore and try different stances, different locations (sometimes, moving to the couch can be sizzling hot after several months of bed-only stints) and different settings. There's something to be said for sexual variety and trying new positions and not getting locked in, but "both men and women during sex are entitled to orgasm and there are some positions that help them orgasm better than others," says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., FAACS and author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman.


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