Kegel Excercises: Why Do Them?

The vagina is a muscle, and like every other muscle in your body, it needs to get worked out. It needs exercise to keep it resilient, healthy and happy. Over time, the muscles on the pelvic floor can weaken, stretch, get torn and no longer offer support. This is especially true after childbirth. Exercising your Kegel muscles (also called pubococcygeys muscle, PC for short) will help with this.

This muscle supports the pelvic organs including the bladder, urethra and vagina. Exercising this will help stimulate sex drive by increasing blood flow to the region which will enhance sensitivity and arousal. It also helps you reach orgasm easier. It allows you to feel your partner during intercourse and intensifies your partner″s pleasure by tightening the vagina cavity. Overall, exercise of the PC muscles helps you better control and respond to orgasms, because the more you practice using the muscle, the better you are at manipulating it when it comes time to perform.

Another tip is that rhythmic squeezing of your PC muscles during sex will increase lubrication, stimulate the clit, and massage your partner″s penis!

So there are all these amazing possibilities gained with further control of this one muscle. Where is it, and how do I exercise it? Here″s the thing, you use it on a daily basis already! It″s the muscle you use when you stop peeing mid-stream. The muscles of your pelvic floor tighten and your vaginal muscles clench when you activate this muscle. One simple way to exercise the muscle is to stop the pee-stream once in a while. The PC muscles become engaged each time you stop. Pulsating the muscle movement means that you will be doing sufficient “reps” of this exercise.

Next time you want to try something new in the bedroom, try squeezing this muscle in a pulsating rhythm. See how you feel and how your partner feels! Make a concerted effort to practice exercising these muscles, and you″ll be thanking yourself ten years down the line!!!


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