The Female Orgasm: Just The Facts

1) Average length of an orgasm: 13 - 51 secondsDoing Kegel exercises will enhance the power and duration or an orgasm. Your Kegel muscles are your vaginal muscles, and you work them out by flexing and releasing the muscle. It is just like when you're peeing and you make the stream stop and go. A small amount of movement goes a long way!

2) Number of women who regularly climax during intercourse: 42%If you want to up your stats, indulge in foreplay. The longer you stay in the "plateau stage" the more likely it is for you to climax. Getting yourself into a high state of arousal and allowing it to subside, build up again, subside, build up–makes for fertile territory for fireworks!

3) Number of women who regularly climax through clitoral stimulation: 95%The clitoris is much more sensitive than the vagina, so when it's stimulated it generates a lot more pleasure than vaginal penetration. To increase your chance of orgasm, make sure your clit continuously gets some attention, before and during penetration.

4) Average time it takes for most women to orgasm: 20 minutesTo clarify women don't necessarily take longer to cum. It just takes us longer to get aroused. Moreover, not every sexual encounter will result in an orgasm.

"If you're too focused on orgasms, you're missing the point. Sex should be about appreciating the whole concept of sexual satisfaction," says Dr David Goldmeier, psychosexual consultant at St Mary's Hospital, London.

To enhance sex all around, try these lifestyle habits:

1) Drink less alcohol. Even though pquor lowers your inhibitions and relaxes, it also depresses the central nervous system. You will respond slower to stimulations compared to when you have no pquor in your body.

2) Exercise more. Working out repeves tension, which means you'll be more responsive to foreplay.

3) Masturbate regularly. It's a great way to discover what turns you on the most.

4) Cut out smoking and take multivitamins. Smoking slows your circulation, which takes away from full sensory functions. Taking multivitamins will improve your orgasms by boosting the function of your systems. However, one thing in isolation won't make much difference. Make smart pfestyle choices to enjoy the fruits of pfe (and loins) more!


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