How to Give A Great Blowjob - Part I

The functioning of a man's member is pretty straightforward. If the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the woman's gentilia, the penis, along with the balls is true for men. Below are a few tricks to pull out next time you really want to blow his mind!

Let's face it, your mouth can only cover so much ground (the average penis is five to six inches, while the average mouth is only two to three inches - you do the math). That's why the very best oral sex usually incorporates some hands-on action to pick up the slack. Or make an O with your hand, place it on your lips, and move them in tandem. This will create the illusion that you're taking him all in while in reality it's more like three-fifths. Pretty good trick, huh?

Secondly, ever wonder why they're called blow jobs when you're actually doing the exact opposite - sucking? Anyway, for anyone who can't quite figure out how to do it, suction is created by placing the back of your tongue on the roof of your mouth then sliding it backward to create a vacuum. Now, we all know suction's a crucial ingredient to oral sex, but keep in mind, we can only really suck on the first inch and a half. Take in any more, and your tongue must drop to accommodate it, nullifying those vacuum effects. Don't worry, though - many men find too much suction a turnoff. To find out how much he likes, ask him to suck on your fingers with the intensity he'd like you to use down yonder. Then fine-tune your technique accordingly.

The third trick I have to offer keeps the taste fresh, and keeps him feeling cool and tingly. Rumors abound that popping a few mints pre-fellatio can result in a "curiously strong" send-off. But is it true? Well, science seems to support this claim: The menthol that causes the pleasant tingling in your mouth should work on all mucous membranes, which include the nostrils and those naughtier bits below. So, go ahead and give it a try - or, to take the sensation to next level, take a swig of club soda along with a mint, which will create a fizzing, bubbly eruption in your mouth that he's bound to enjoy (and no, it's not dangerous).


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