The G-Spot: Why Find It?

The mystical G-Spot orgasm has been the topic of sex columns, magazine articles, even Sex And The City episodes before–but how much do you really know about the G-Spot orgasm?

One of the biggest barriers to women experiencing a G-Spot orgasm is due to the fact that when your G-Spot is stimulated, it feels like you have to pee. We are psychologically conditioned at a very young age, that peeing anywhere other than in a toilet is uncouth. So, when this sensation occurs, it is our natural instinct to bear and buckle down. We're conditioned to stop whatever we're doing when our bladders get engaged

The G-Spot is a small spongy pad that wraps around urethra. That pad is stimulated through the vagina during intercourse and can be very arousing. The G-Spot is about 1 inch in diameter and located along the top wall of your vagina. To locate this externally, make an L-shape with your right hand, with the index and thumb fingers outlining the “L”. Place your thumb in your belly button and your palm resting on your lower abdomen. Use index and middle fingers to put pressure on the lowest part of your torso. Experiment by shifting the pressure left and right. There will be a spot that you push down on and makes you feel like you need to urinate. This is your G-Spot. Check out my video on G-Spot Orgasms to see a demonstration of this.

Finding the G-Spot internally requires a toy, fingers or penis of a partner. Unless you are particularly flexible, the G-Spot orgasm is difficult to have on your own without a toy. With a partner, ask her/him to curl fingers upwards while fingering you. The G-Spot is bodily tissue, and feels soft and tender, as opposed to tight and smooth like the vaginal walls that surround it.

The G-Spot orgasm is sometimes accompanied by G-Spot ejaculation. The fluids are from ducts in the urethra. To be clear, THIS IS NOT URINE. The fluid released is colorless, and will not stain the mattress or sheets. Urine certainly smells and may stain. The sensation of the G-Spot orgasm is a plethora of muscle contractions accompanied by a feeling of euphoria. The post-coital glow of the G-Spot orgasm often leaves you feeling pooped, but some women can rally and continue to have several more G-Spot orgasms in the same session!

Every woman who has experienced a G-Spot orgasm has a different way of getting there. Most who have though, will say that they experienced it with a partner with whom she shares high trust; she isn't concerned with how she looks, smells or sounds; she is confident and comfortable. She is very aroused, and after a certain point of rhythmic pumping she needs to push down, and this is followed by an intense muscle spasm and possibly ejaculation.

Ladies, next time you're gettin' down, and feel like you need to pee, just ride with it a little longer–it just might bring you to new heights.


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