Masturbation: Why Should You Do It?

Being able to please yourself is essential for reaching ecstasy with a partner. If you don't know how to please yourself, how will someone else do it for you? If you're in a monogamous relationship, your partner will be invested in your orgasm s/he will want to learn how your body ticks and explodes! If you're hooking up and not monogamous (you're using protection, right?!) you need to be direct and instructive to your partner and invest her/him in your orgasm. Take this matter into your own hands (and fingers), to explore the areas that arouse you and spark fantasies.

Most women experience their first orgasm through masturbation. The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings compared to 4,000 in the penis. The nerves activated by pressure and touch to the women's clit, send signals to the spinal chord and the brain. The muscle spasms and body convulsions that result from an orgasm are because there is this massive concentration of nerves in the clit! All of this makes the clit ultra-sensitive. In fact, the clit's only function in the female anatomy is to provide exquisite pleasure!!!!!!!!!!! Ladies, this surely is a sign to enjoy what nature gave you.

Most women can cum through stimulation of the clit, manually, orally or with a vibrator. Each woman is different and will enjoy varying pressures (hard or soft), and different strokes. Some women's clits are well protected under the vaginal lips, while other are more exposed. That's why, some women can cum by squeezing their legs together, with a pillow between, with the simple motion of swaying back and forth. Others require really hard pressure with fast and frequent rubbing. The only way to find out what you like, is by trying it.

I suggest using your fingers to explore first. Why fingers? You have ultimate control with them. Unlike toys, or pillows or anything else not attached to your body, you have command over your hands will help you understand if you like circulator motions, or back-and-forth; if you like hard pressure, or a barely-there touch; maybe you like another finger to be sliding into your pussy while you're rubbing your clit? There are so many combinations and subtleties that can happen with a body part that has 8,000 nerve-endings attached to it, and only about an inch in size!


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