Erogenous Zones: Keys To Foreplay

What are the spots that you know get you going before sex? Do you like your ears sucked on? How about his hands brushing over the insides of your thighs? Maybe it′s just the slight felling of his hand against your cheek as you′re making out? Is it your nipples?

The truth is the entire skin surface of your body has a potential of being an erogenous zone. Certain areas have clusters of nerve endings and are more sensitive. The clitoris for example, has 8,000 nerve endings. That is greater than any other part of the female or male body. These nerve endings all connect to the brain and sends signals to stimulate arousal.

In fact, the word comes from Greek. Eros, meaning love and genous, meaning producing. That′s pretty hot. Erogenous zones are literally parts of the body that will produce, create and construct love, or something that feels like it. “Touch me here and it will produce love” − I love it!

The kind of erogenous zone depends on the sexual arousal they provoke. Some women can reach climax just by having their breasts stroked (it can depend on the mood and context). Primary erogenous zones lead to orgasm. The G-Spot and clitoris are primary zones. Secondary zones are places like your breasts and inner thighs. These secondary zones increase sensuality and arousal, preparing us for intercourse. Stimulating the breasts can actually make us feel more confident. This is scientifically true! Getting some titty action, not only gets you thrilled for the throes of sex, but it also releases oxytocin in the brain, a hormone that fights anxiety, and stress. Being confident with your body and feeling good about yourself during sex is definitely an important precursor to orgasm.

In fact, erogenous zones are plenty more sensitive when you′re relaxed. If you′re tense, worried or uncomfortable, your lover′s touch can feel ticklish, or even aggressive. I would suggest taking a bath beforehand (try taking a bath together!) or starting off with massages. Choose an activity that puts both your mind and body at ease where you can live in the moment for each rub, stroke or kiss you′ll receive before you get yo′ freak on!

Remember that personal levels of sensitivity differ for everyone. Certain parts of the body are known to be responsive to touch. Ear lobes, lips, back of the knees, inner thighs, stomach, breasts and armpits are popular spots. Next time you′re gearing up for some magic, try a new zone and see how you each respond!


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