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The Short History of Sex Toys

Adult toys have been around since the tenth century, if not before. In ancient Greece and Rome, dildos were carved out of everything they could get their hands on from wood, glass, leather, gold, silver, and even animal horns. In China during the Ming Dynasty between 1368 and 1644, penis rings were made out of jade and ivory and in Japan the first Ben-Wa Balls (small balls the size of a thumbnail that are inserted into the vagina, so that they would bounce around the woman's walls and off the tip of a man's penis) were made out of lead and mercury.

Women (and surely some men) in Ancient Greece enjoyed using olisbos, which were phallic shaped objects made of wood or leather. Back in those days, olive oil wasn't just a staple of the Greek diet - it doubled as the best lube available. The Greeks believed that a lack of sperm caused "hysteria," or a wandering uterus, in women. In the US, "hysteria" entered the DSM, the official medical diagnosis manual doctors consulted. Symptoms of hysteria included, overly-emotional, moody, and irritableness. It was diagnosed mainly to women who were widowed, or had husbands at war; in short, women who weren't getting any action. Hysteria is no longer listed in the DSM.

The outstanding demand for the "manual stimulation" doctors were providing to "cure hysteria" gave way to the first vibrator. That's right, women used to go to the doctor's and to get off. This is largely the subject of the film Hysteria that opened in theaters in 2011.

The great explosion for the sex industry came in the sexual revolution of the 1960's, but most dildos were too hard and made of materials such as metal and hard plastic. Today you can get sex toys made out of realistic jelly rubber, silicone and elastomer, a hypoallergenic material most suitable for people with allergic reactions or chemical sensitivities.

Ladies, the sex toy has come a long way! We are no longer using age-old, large, cumbersome and clanky toys. We have sophisticated materials and toys that don't even look like toys. We have vibrators that pulse at different speeds, in different patterns. We have toys like the rabbit and the hitachi magic wand! This is something to celebrate. One thing is for sure though: at each stage throughout history, it's pleasured women.

How To Give A Great Blowjob - Part II

You're already using your tongue in all sorts of tantalizing ways down below. Here's one thing you probably haven't considered: using the underside of your tongue instead. Its soft, silky texture will feel especially sublime on the frenulum - a super-sensitive spot located below the head of his penis in the center of the underside of the coronal ridge. Here's what to do: when he's lying down, and you're perched between his legs, hold the base of his penis and resting your chin on the underside of his shaft for stability, place the underside of your tongue on this sweet spot and quickly swipe it from side to side like a windshield wiper. Precise as surgery and yet very potent, this move is a great way to kick things off.

Want to change the pace to keep it exciting? Once you're down there and going at it, pacing becomes important, and this move will show him you've got that base covered. Rather than just bobbing up and down at a constant speed, start with five slow bobs, then move to four slow bobs and one fast, then three slow and two fast, and so on. Once you've reached five fast ones, revert back to five slow, then repeat. This move adds variation but also builds anticipation - two of the most basic components to great oral sex.

Now that you've spent plenty of time on his most prized real estate, let us turn for a moment to a neighboring area that rarely gets as many visitors: the scrotum. Whether you steer clear of his testicles because you're afraid they're too sensitive or just have no clue what to do with them, this technique will get you touring the highlights without too much effort. Starting with your tongue at the top left-hand corner, trace a path down along the side and, once you reach the bottom, do a U-turn and swoop up the middle seam between his testicles. Then backtrack down the seam, around the bottom, and up the right side. Essentially, you'll be tracing a large W, which, in his mind, can stand for only one thing: "Wow!"

How to Give A Great Blowjob - Part I

The functioning of a man's member is pretty straightforward. If the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the woman's gentilia, the penis, along with the balls is true for men. Below are a few tricks to pull out next time you really want to blow his mind!

Let's face it, your mouth can only cover so much ground (the average penis is five to six inches, while the average mouth is only two to three inches - you do the math). That's why the very best oral sex usually incorporates some hands-on action to pick up the slack. Or make an O with your hand, place it on your lips, and move them in tandem. This will create the illusion that you're taking him all in while in reality it's more like three-fifths. Pretty good trick, huh?

Secondly, ever wonder why they're called blow jobs when you're actually doing the exact opposite - sucking? Anyway, for anyone who can't quite figure out how to do it, suction is created by placing the back of your tongue on the roof of your mouth then sliding it backward to create a vacuum. Now, we all know suction's a crucial ingredient to oral sex, but keep in mind, we can only really suck on the first inch and a half. Take in any more, and your tongue must drop to accommodate it, nullifying those vacuum effects. Don't worry, though - many men find too much suction a turnoff. To find out how much he likes, ask him to suck on your fingers with the intensity he'd like you to use down yonder. Then fine-tune your technique accordingly.

The third trick I have to offer keeps the taste fresh, and keeps him feeling cool and tingly. Rumors abound that popping a few mints pre-fellatio can result in a "curiously strong" send-off. But is it true? Well, science seems to support this claim: The menthol that causes the pleasant tingling in your mouth should work on all mucous membranes, which include the nostrils and those naughtier bits below. So, go ahead and give it a try - or, to take the sensation to next level, take a swig of club soda along with a mint, which will create a fizzing, bubbly eruption in your mouth that he's bound to enjoy (and no, it's not dangerous).

The G-Spot: Why Find It?

The mystical G-Spot orgasm has been the topic of sex columns, magazine articles, even Sex And The City episodes before but how much do you really know about the G-Spot orgasm?

One of the biggest barriers to women experiencing a G-Spot orgasm is due to the fact that when your G-Spot is stimulated, it feels like you have to pee. We are psychologically conditioned at a very young age, that peeing anywhere other than in a toilet is uncouth. So, when this sensation occurs, it is our natural instinct to bear and buckle down. We're conditioned to stop whatever we're doing when our bladders get engaged

The G-Spot is a small spongy pad that wraps around urethra. That pad is stimulated through the vagina during intercourse and can be very arousing. The G-Spot is about 1 inch in diameter and located along the top wall of your vagina. To locate this externally, make an L-shape with your right hand, with the index and thumb fingers outlining the "L". Place your thumb in your belly button and your palm resting on your lower abdomen. Use index and middle fingers to put pressure on the lowest part of your torso. Experiment by shifting the pressure left and right. There will be a spot that you push down on and makes you feel like you need to urinate. This is your G-Spot. Check out my video on G-Spot Orgasms to see a demonstration of this.

Finding the G-Spot internally requires a toy, fingers or penis of a partner. Unless you are particularly flexible, the G-Spot orgasm is difficult to have on your own without a toy. With a partner, ask her/him to curl fingers upwards while fingering you. The G-Spot is bodily tissue, and feels soft and tender, as opposed to tight and smooth like the vaginal walls that surround it.

The G-Spot orgasm is sometimes accompanied by G-Spot ejaculation. The fluids are from ducts in the urethra. To be clear, THIS IS NOT URINE. The fluid released is colorless, and will not stain the mattress or sheets. Urine certainly smells and may stain. The sensation of the G-Spot orgasm is a plethora of muscle contractions accompanied by a feeling of euphoria. The post-coital glow of the G-Spot orgasm often leaves you feeling pooped, but some women can rally and continue to have several more G-Spot orgasms in the same session!

Every woman who has experienced a G-Spot orgasm has a different way of getting there. Most who have though, will say that they experienced it with a partner with whom she shares high trust; she isn't concerned with how she looks, smells or sounds; she is confident and comfortable. She is very aroused, and after a certain point of rhythmic pumping she needs to push down, and this is followed by an intense muscle spasm and possibly ejaculation.

Ladies, next time you're gettin' down, and feel like you need to pee, just ride with it a little longer–it just might bring you to new heights.

Masturbation: Why Should You Do It?

Being able to please yourself is essential for reaching ecstasy with a partner. If you don't know how to please yourself, how will someone else do it for you? If you're in a monogamous relationship, your partner will be invested in your orgasm s/he will want to learn how your body ticks and explodes! If you're hooking up and not monogamous (you're using protection, right?!) you need to be direct and instructive to your partner and invest her/him in your orgasm. Take this matter into your own hands (and fingers), to explore the areas that arouse you and spark fantasies.

Most women experience their first orgasm through masturbation. The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings compared to 4,000 in the penis. The nerves activated by pressure and touch to the women's clit, send signals to the spinal chord and the brain. The muscle spasms and body convulsions that result from an orgasm are because there is this massive concentration of nerves in the clit! All of this makes the clit ultra-sensitive. In fact, the clit's only function in the female anatomy is to provide exquisite pleasure!!!!!!!!!!! Ladies, this surely is a sign to enjoy what nature gave you.

Most women can cum through stimulation of the clit, manually, orally or with a vibrator. Each woman is different and will enjoy varying pressures (hard or soft), and different strokes. Some women's clits are well protected under the vaginal lips, while other are more exposed. That's why, some women can cum by squeezing their legs together, with a pillow between, with the simple motion of swaying back and forth. Others require really hard pressure with fast and frequent rubbing. The only way to find out what you like, is by trying it.

I suggest using your fingers to explore first. Why fingers? You have ultimate control with them. Unlike toys, or pillows or anything else not attached to your body, you have command over your hands will help you understand if you like circulator motions, or back-and-forth; if you like hard pressure, or a barely-there touch; maybe you like another finger to be sliding into your pussy while you're rubbing your clit? There are so many combinations and subtleties that can happen with a body part that has 8,000 nerve-endings attached to it, and only about an inch in size!


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