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The Short History of Sex Toys

Where did sex toys come from and what will happen to them in the future? Read more to find out.

How To Give A Great Blowjob - Part II

You'll blow him away with these tricks and treats! Here are three ideas on how to turn it up a notch.

How to Give A Great Blowjob - Part I

Ever wondered how to drive your man crazy with a blowjob? I explain all of my blowjob tips and tricks here!

The G-Spot: Why Find It?

You heard you have a g-spot, but you may not have had a g-spot orgasm yet. I explain it all here.

Masturbation: Why Should You Do It?

A lot of people ask me WHY they should masturbate. Here's a short explanation about why I think it's a good idea.

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Tips & Tricks

Why Try New Sexual Positions?

What makes sex great? Sexual positions of course. Read about a few of my favorites here.

This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain On Sex.

So, what's the real reason you feel great during sex? Your brain, of course! Read more about the relationship between sex and your brain.

Erogenous Zones: Keys To Foreplay

Here are my tips and tricks for exciting your erogenous zones and having the best foreplay possible.

Kegel Excercises: Why Do Them?

Lots of women heard about kegel exercises, but what are they exactly, and what benefits do they provide? Learn here!

The Female Orgasm: Just The Facts

Here's everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the female orgasm.

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G-Spot Orgasms Are Not Pee!

Many girls are afraid to have g-spot orgasms because they think the substance is PEE! Well, it's not! Watch my video to learn more.

First Timer's Guide To Anal Sex

Your first time having anal sex can be nerve-wrecking, and occasionally downright painful! In this video I share my tips for a more pleasurable anal sex experience.

Introducing A Sex Toy Into Your Relationship

We all know that sex toys go hand in hand with great relationships. But how do you go about bringing up the idea to a partner who might be less enthusiastic about the idea? I explain my thoughts on this topic.

Miss Ladygasm Just Hangin Out!

Here we are just taking a break between filming some Ladygasm videos!

The Top Reasons You Should Masturbate

Some women aren't really convinced that masturbating is safe, healthy, and can actually improve their relationships. Listen to my ideas on the topic.

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