Anal Toys Are On Clearance

When a Lavender Colored Vibrator Just Won’t Do

While some women love the sleek and modern designs of the new sex toys available, other women just can’t get off on a lavender colored cylinder, and prefer a toy that looks like the ‘real deal’ instead. If you’re looking for a realistic toy, offers you three choices of high-quality realistic dildos that are sure to please.

The Ladygasm Brian and Alex are shaped after real men, and include realistic veins on the shaft, and testicles with realistic wrinkles. The Brian is pretty large, while the Alex is regular-sized. They are also equipped with an internal vibrator for added pleasure and a suction cup on the base so you can place the dildo on various surfaces for hands-free fun. Try suctioning the toy to the side of the shower, and ride him doggy-style or suction it to the floor or to a chair and mount him like a cowgirl.

But if the Alex or the Brian don’t have the shape you’re looking for, try the Ladygasm Flex which has an internal moveable spine so you can customize the shape of the penis however you like – ensuring you get the exact pleasure you’re looking for.

Make the most of your Realistic Sex Toy

Since these dildos are so realistic, play time can often feel more exciting than it does with a non-realistic toy. Use the suction cup on the Brian or Alex to attach it to a chair and climb on top. Close your eyes and let yourself imagine you’re with any partner you wish, in any location you can imagine. The hands-free aspect will allow your fantasies to seem more realistic, and the details on the dildo will help make it feel more realistic too.

But the dildos don’t have to be used for solo play only. In fact, the large size and realistic dimensions make them an excellent choice for couples who are interested in experimenting with double penetration but don’t actually want a third party involved (yup, it can definitely get awkward).

However you choose to use them, you’ll definitely be impressed with the quality. Unlike many other cheaply made toys, the Ladygasm realistic dildos are a bit higher in price. However, they’re made to last so you’ll get years of use out of your new favorite toy as long as you care for it properly. Check out for your chance to grab these high quality dildos at clearance prices – but only for a limited time.

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