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Ladygasm Rabbit Vibrator Plus

The Most Famous Female Sex Toy

Ladygasm Rabbit Vibrator Pump

A Vertically Pumping Rabbit

Ladygasm Orgasm Accellerator

Our Best G-Spot Vibrator

Our most powerful toys for women with powerful needs

These are our most powerful toys, designed for women who want and need powerful orgasms. Rabbit vibrators were first made popular on the tv show Sex and the City, in 2009. Fame soon followed, with millions of women world-wide discovering how easy it was to have super-intense orgasms by using this simple toy. We offer several versions - the Ladygasm Rabbit Vibrator Plus is the traditional type - with a vibrating clit stimulator and a rotating penis head. Our other style features a penis head that moves up and down called the Ladygasm Rabbit Vibrator Pump - a great choice for women with a deep g-spot.

Another choice for adventurous women is our Ladygasm Hitachi Massager. The Hitachi Massager was originally made by Hitachi as a general body massager. But women soon knew that the true purpose of this intense vibration machine was clitoral stimulation, and they started buying it up by the thousands! Our version of the Hitachi Massager is called the Ladygasm Surprise Turbo and has two vibration speeds - intense and super intense. Can you handle it?

Finally, our last choice for the adventurous woman is called the Ladygasm Orgasm Accellerator. This is a medical grade silicone toy that simultaneously vibrates your clitoris while hitting your g-spot, internally. We call it the Orgasm accellerator because out of all the toys we sell, this one is known to cause orgasms in the fastest amount of time. Some women even prefer it over the rabbit vibrators! So, what are you waiting for, girl? Go check out the toys!