The Best Vibrators Are On Clearance

Quality Matters when Choosing a Vibrator

Selecting a vibrator can be a daunting task when there is such a wide selection. So what is it that you really need to look for? The most important thing you need to ensure is the quality of the materials used for the toy. Many of the cheaper toys are made of a rubber or plastic material which is porous, meaning the toys can never be fully sterilized. This can lead to unwanted bacterial infections or transfer of STDs with shared toys. Instead, spend a bit more money and get a toy made out of high-quality, medical-grade silicone. Not only can the material be completely sterilized, but it is hypo-allergenic as well so most people with even the most sensitive skin or latex allergies are able to use these types of toys.

But silicone toys aren’t just safe, they feel great too. The silicone warms easily and retains body heat so you don’t have to worry about using a cold toy. The silicone also provides a silky smooth finish that glides over your most intimate parts with ease, and cleaning is easy too. All you have to do is wash the toy with anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner. So now that you know how to choose a quality toy, what design is right for you?

What Design is Right for You?

Ladygasm offers several varieties of high-quality, medical-grade silicone toys. In order to decide on the best vibrator for you, you must know your own body. Do you prefer vaginal or clitoral stimulation? Or would you prefer both at the same time?

The Ladygasm Colibri and the Ladygasm Bliss both offer strictly clitoral stimulation. They are both ergonomically designed to fit well in the palm of your hand, and also rest easily on your pelvis so you can enjoy hands-free stimulation.

If you’re looking for something a bit more daring, try the Ladygasm Vice or the Ladygasm Wow. While they vary largely in shape, they are both designed for simultaneous internal and external stimulation. They both have one end designed for insertion into the vagina to reach the g-spot while the other head rests on the clitoris.

The four above mentioned vibrators are all waterproof so you can enjoy your pleasure wherever you want. As well, you’ll never have to buy another battery again with these toys, as they are completely rechargeable. Lasting one hour or more per charge, your Ladygasm vibrator is sure to be ready for action whenever you are.

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