Whether you have been with your partner ten minutes or ten years, it is never too late to start trying to stoke the fires in the bedroom. Sex is an important part of your relationship: it helps keep you connected on a mental, physical and emotional level, it satisfies those lusty urges, and it is fun. Sex toys for couples should play an important part in any sexual relationship, since they are safe, easy ways to inject some heat and variety into the most prosaic love life.

Why Couples Sex Toys?

So many couples spend money on relationship boosters: couples’ counseling, expensive vacations, dates, etc. But what about the sex? If you think back to the beginning stages of your relationship, you were probably humping like rabbits, and you had a fantastic time together. You rarely argued, and you were fascinated with and attracted to your partner. With the passage of time, you start to lose that passion. You see them at their worst moments, and you go through experiences that cause each of you to show your bad sides. You may even start pushing sex aside for other things, since that bunny-like frantic humping is hard to sustain when you have tons of bills, kids, and demanding jobs and responsibilities. But it doesn’t have to be like that! If you and your partner have started to drift apart, stop looking for the TV remote control and bring sex toys in a relationship, instead!

Couples erotic toys aren’t like they used to be. Sex toys have really come a long way from the dildo and personal massager days. The range of products is truly amazing. Couples sex toys increase intimacy and excitement by opening new doors of pleasure. Whether you are in a bi, straight, or gay relationship, there are plenty of things you can do to make sex more fun and varied.

For straight couples, sex toys can increase the intensity, duration and frequency of orgasms for both partners. If the female partner has never climaxed during vaginal intercourse, the male partner can try a cock extension sleeve with a vibrating g-spot and/or clit stimulating attachment. A vibrating cock ring, butterfly, dolphin or rabbit vibrator can be worn between the partners to increase the erotic pleasure of both partners. If he is into experimentation, the lady can wear a strap-on vibrator or use an anal probe to stimulate his prostate, inducing a deep, intense orgasm similar to a g-spot orgasm in women. Or, if they are wanting to be creative with positions, investing in a sex swing, positioner, or harness can open new ways to have sex with each other. The creative side of a couple can be released with couples sex toys like costumes, bondage and S&M props, enhancement creams and potions, and erotic games.

Gay couples and those who enjoy multiple partners at the same time can also use sex toys for partners. Strap-on dildos and vibrators are good for both lesbians and gay male couples, and all the same sex toys that straight couples can have fun with are also applicable to homosexual couples. Anal beads, butt plugs, cock extenders, erotic videos and magazines, and more can raise the intensity of any relationship, regardless of what sex the partners are.

Sex toys for couples are a wonderful way to spice up any sex life. Visit your local sex shop or look online for the best and newest couples sex toys.