Why every woman should own a Hitachi Wand

The Hitachi Wand was originally intended as a massager for aching backs, sore and overused muscles and for relaxing deep tissue therapy on sprains and strains. It was designed to be used in the home easily and without fuss – and used properly could save a small fortune on chiropractor fees.

Not long after its introduction the Hitachi Wand quickly became used for something a little more secretive and a whole lot more naughty. Women discovered that they had in their hands 12.5 inches of the most powerful non-stop vibrator that money can buy.

The legendary Hitachi Wand

The Hitachi Vibrator is a very well know sex toy among women and despite thousands of other vibrators coming onto the market since it was introduced it remains one of the best selling vibrators. Many women are very attached to their vibrating sex toy.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is something that just can’t be missed, it measures fully 12.5 inches from top to bottom. The massaging head is like a miniature tom-tom drum Some women complain the power cord is a little short, but they can always use an extension to plug it into the mains.

The Hitachi Wand is straightforward to use, there are two power settings, 5000 and 6000 rpm. Most women prefer to srtart on the lower setting because the higher setting will throb like a Harley and may be a little intense.

Even then you should only skirt around the erogenous zones, and not try to crush the clitoris by applying the massager head directly to the area. The sensations are much more erotic if you just allow the vibrator to play and pummel around the area. Another trick if you find the vibrations to be too much is to simply place a sport sock or soft cloth over the vibrator head.

The use of scented massage oil can enhance the whole experience and allows the massager to glide gently over the skin, or linger as you add more pressure. As a testament to its effectiveness some women have claimed they reach a climax within just a couple of minutes.

Of course a product as popular as the this female sex toy has attracted imitators, and one of the better known of these is Topco’s Magic Massager Vibrator. It looks and performs very much like the Hitachi and is only slightly smaller at 12.2 inches.

Whether you choose the Hitachi Vibrator or a clone, every woman should have one of these safely massagers tucked away in the bedroom for those times when some massage is badly needed or some solo enjoyment eagerly sought.

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