Vibrating Women Sex Toys Provide Pleasure

Two hot vibrating women sex toys at an affordable price

Every woman likes to have vibrating female sex toys in her nightstand drawer. It is really a cliché that we keep them there, but it turns out to be true. If you’re not keeping yours there, you probably have it in a nightstand. Having a good vibrator is like having a good friend. Knowing that you can rely on it to release that pent up sexual frustration is quite relieving. Having one or two on hand will allow you to mix it up a bit, helping to keep things from getting boring.

In this quick guide, you will learn about:

1. The sex toys for women that vibrate with a bullet
2. The rose vibrator, one of the cutest girls sex toys
3. Other alternatives for female masturbation toys that don’t vibrate

If you haven’t used vibrating women sex toys before, then you are really missing out. But if you are a real woman, you have owned at least one vibrator and wore it out. When it comes time to get a new one there are a lot of options, and it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the one that you like the best. You could always settle for another simple massager, but where is the fun in that?

Take a look at something like the Vibrating egg, sold by the Ladygasm company. This toy provides a small bullet that will vibrate on your clitoris (or anywhere else you want to put it) and it has a separate hand held controller. The best way I have found to use this toy is to lie back on my bed and use one hand to hold the bullet on my clit while using the other hand with the controller. It has a nifty little dial that will allow you to crank the speed up and down. Take your time working from slow to fast to really have an orgasm that leaves you seeing stars.

The rose vibrator is a cute little toy with a twisted tip that kind of resembles the flower it is named after. It is a lot like your traditional personal massager, but the twisted tip provides some additional texture. You shouldn’t really use this toy for internal stimulation, but you are going to find it tough to resist dipping that twisted tip into your hole. Just make sure you don’t go all the way! It’s not that big around, anyway, so you probably won’t really get that much out of trying to fill yourself with it. It’s cheap, too, and it’s great for clitoral stimulation.

There are some other options out there that you might want to consider. The Ladygasm brand provides sever ultra realistic fake dicks, and one of them (the Alex) even vibrates. If you want something that looks and feels real, then definitely check this toy out. And unlike a real man, you can actually get this dick to buzz. It feels great having the head of this penis on your clitoris, vibrating away until you climax. They also make a bigger one called the Brian, and you might want to check that out. It’s really nice having a fake dick that looks like the real thing. And since this toy can actually get you off, it’s a lot more useful than a real man! Too bad it can’t actually cum for you!

When you realize that you need some new toys, there are a lot of options out there. Thankfully, the people who make the toys mentioned in this article don’t censor their reviews, so you can find out which of their women sex toys really are the best.