Glass Dildos: Unique Dildos for Your Pleasure

Most of us are very liberal, and we think we have seen most things. When it comes to dildos we all know what they are and what they do. But even in the world of sexual self pleasuring, there can be a few surprises that make you go “wow”.

One of the unusual sex toy range are the toys made from glass. Yes glass! The Pyrex glass penis are simply curved sex toys that like any other, these provide sexual stimulation, but the huge difference here,is that this is not latex or a form of artificial skin. This is glass/Pyrex. The result is almost like pieces of art. There is a product called the Sapphire Twister, which almost looks like you could have it a side decoration on your dining room table. he Sapphire Spiral is an inexpensive stand up Pyrex dildo, the head is clear, smooth and measures about 1 1/4 of an inch in diameter. Now glass dildos are strange, but what a great concept. Of course the drawback is that it cannot be bent or change shape, but the beauty of the product makes it worth considering.

The glass sex toys also have the ability to be used as a strap on too. The supporting pouch easily fits the glass member to the pouch, and it almost looks a “diamond” as it glistens in the light. The thought of wearing the strap on and entering your partner with this unusual dildo is exciting to think about. Some of the dildos have no color, they are totally transparent. Imagine being opened up by something totally transparent and as cool as glass?

Glass may not be everyone’s idea of a dildo, as most of us will be a little more careful with a glass product entering our bodies than a silicone product. However natural products like wood, are also used for making dildos, and you can get to choose which wood you would like to have the sex toy made of. Incredible but true. There are Applewood, Ash, Cherry Tree, Mahogany and Maple amongst the choices. These products are finally sculptured, and through necessity are completely smooth and varnished, that way there are no splinters. Ouch.

The problem with wooden toys is that they cannot be realistic. It would be impossible to make a penis dildo with the veins and correct shape, because the wood would split in the manufacturing process. The other issue is that they tend to be over a $100, per dildo. So unless it really floats your boat, it may not be for the mainstream users.

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