Two of the world’s best vibrators manufacturers have been in operation for less than ten years. They seized on the rising demand for quality sex toys, especially by women and started to manufacture aesthetically pleasing, top quality precision designed vibrators that have succeeded in causing plenty of powerful vibrations and shockwaves throughout the entire sex toy and novelty business.

In search of the best vibrators:

Jimmyjane began operations in 2004. It was founded by Ethan Imboden, a man described as possessing a unique blend of technical expertise, business savvy and aesthetic sophistication. Armed with these talents, Jimmyjane claim to have ‘redefined the context of sexual well being combining sophisticated design with cutting edge technology.’ Their philosophy is that if any objects should be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing they should be the objects we use for sex. They have since started to produce some of the best - and most expensive vibrators money can buy.

Jimmyjane make some of the best sex toys for women because they are based on cutting edge technology. The entry level jimmyjane vibrator is the Iconic Bullet, a very popular first-time vibrator. Both powerful and discreet, it’s easy to slip into a purse and make a good travel companion.

Jimmyjane’s Form series (Form 2, Form 3, Form 4 and Form 6) are revolutionary, compact designs offering more intense vibrations than any other product of its size. Each flexible ear is internally powered for dynamic stimulation.

But for those who have to have the last word in luxury when it comes to vibrators, there is the precious metal vibratos known as Little Something. The platinum retails at and the 24k gold limited edition version is adorned with an intricate heart and scroll etching – and the inscription of your choice. It’s also said to be the quietest vibrator available. However the top of the line jimmyjane vibrator is the Little Platinum vibrator is encircled with 28 round-cut VS1 diamonds.


The idea to create some of the world’s highly recommended vibrators as far is LELO is concerned, began following a failed shopping expedition. In 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden while searching for a 40th birthday present for the woman who had it all, a giant gap in the market was discovered. At that time it was by no means a prestiogious thing to be involved in the sex industry and success was far from a sure thing. But founders Felip Sedic, Eric Kalen and Carl Magnuson persevered. Today they own one of the most highly regarded sex toy manufactures in the world and have won numerous design awards for their top quality vibrators.

Their entry level vibrator is MIA which is not much bigger than a tube of lipstick. Their mid size vibrators include Iris, Ina, Mona, Gigi, Liv, Lily Nea, and Ella – all of which are considered to be some of the best vibrators on the planet.


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