Spice Up Your Love Life with Couples Sex Toys

Many couples reach a point where they want more from their sexual relationship. Maybe you have been together for a while and the passion has diminished a little bit due to busy lifestyles. Perhaps you’re not having sex often enough, or you want to try new things in bed. Regardless of the reason, couples sex toys can add whole new dimensions to a relationship.

Spice Up Your Love Life with Couples Sex Toys

Although there is a lot more to the area of sex toys for couples than vibrators, these little joy buzzers are the cornerstone of the market, and for good reason. First of all, vibrators work for both men and women. Whether the vibrator is applied to the woman’s clit, vagina or ass or to the man’s balls, shaft, or prostate, it will help achieve a faster, more intense climax, guaranteed. Small, powerful bullet vibrators can be loaded into cock rings, cock sheaths, butt plugs, mutual vibrators, male masturbators, strap-ons, and more. No pair should be without a few vibrators of various styles in their erotic toys collection.

Position aids are other big sellers in the couples sex toys field. Some pairs love to use positioners to elevate the hips or support them during doggie-style or other positions, which enhances their pleasure and takes some of the pressure off the back, hips and arms. Other position aid adult toys for partners include doggie-style support belts, sex harnesses, sex swings for doors or ceilings or self-supported models, and bondage kits. You can take your girlfriend while she hangs from her wrists from a door swing, or a girl can ride her man reverse cowgirl for longer times when they use a positioning ramp.

But sometimes, the best couples sex toys are the imagination and the mind. Role-play using costumes and games can turn hidden fantasies into reality. Body paints, liquid latex, edible lotions and flavored lubricants can bring real taste to your lovemaking. Learn how to truly trust your partner by engaging in a little bondage and S&M play by employing the use of silky blindfolds, fuzzy or metal handcuffs, bondage ties of all kinds, and “torture” devices. A well-employed feather tickler, soft whip or tantalizingly stinging crop can make your heart pound and your libido rise at the same time.

Lesbian and male gay pairings can enjoy sex toys in a relationship too, just as straight couples can. Lesbians and gay men can both use a double-ended dildo or strap on with equal enjoyment, as well as vibrating dildos, anal implements, and regular vibrators.

When using sex toys for couples, make sure you keep your mind open and enjoy the experience. Use the time to learn more about yourself and your partner. Sometimes giving pleasure is just as enjoyable as getting it, and taking the journey of erotic experimentation together than strengthen the ties that bind you—in many ways!