Rev Up Your Engines With Sex Toys for Couples

Straight couples often find that monogamous heterosexual lovemaking can turn into plain vanilla quickly. Every relationship goes through phases. Perhaps you were humping like bunnies for the first few years, but after a long time of living together, seeing each other at your worst, you have lost the mystery and excitement of a new relationship. Do not despair; instead, look for things to help revitalize your time in the bedroom. There are many ways to do this, without having to resort to cheating.

Rev Up Your Engines with Sex Toys for Couples

Couples sex toys let you and your partner bring back the heat to your relationship. How? By opening new doors of sexual pleasure, by pushing one another’s boundaries, by adding some playfulness and fun back into sex. Whether you have been together for ten months or ten years, bringing sex toys in a relationship will make your sex life new again.
Sometimes one or both partners lose their libido. Frequently, it is the woman in a hetero relationship that ends up with the desire issues. This is usually due to hormonal changes after childbirth or periods of stress in their lives. Women’s bodies are vulnerable to emotional distress. This is, however, reversible. Vaginal dryness can be reduced with a good, water-based lubricant. Stimulating the mind through inventive sex play can increase the mind and the body’s desire for sex. And introducing new things can broaden both your horizons.

If a woman wants to have more, better and longer orgasms, the best thing to do is to use erotic toys for couples like vibrators. Vibrators help a woman to learn what feel right. Buy your lady a cute vibrator with a variety of settings. Maybe even two! Men love watching a woman masturbate, and they can even help out. Some women just want clitoral stimulation, so a butterfly, egg or bullet vibrator can fit the bill here. Other women want penetration of the pussy or the anus while being pleasured at the clit, too, and there are anal toys for couples that are perfect for this. A strap-on dolphin vibrator can buzz her clit and pussy while you take her from behind. The orgasmic results are explosive!

Gay couples can benefit from sex toys for couples, too. A double-ended dildo is perfect for both lesbian and gay male couples, allowing both partners to be penetrated, and their individual movements cause even more friction and heightened sensation for each other. Lesbian couples can strap on a dildo with or without a vibrating attachment and penetrate each other, adding a new dimension to their repertoire. And anal play is great for all kinds of couples: anal beads, butt plugs, and anal probe vibrators will open new doors to new pleasures with the back door! Using sex toys for couples will jazz up anyone’s love life. Buy a few today and start playing!