My Favorite Couples Sex Toys

Sharlene’s Favorite Couples Sex Toys

Hey, everyone, my name is Sharlene and I have been a big fan of using sex toys in a relationship for a long time. I want to take a moment or two to tell you about how I got into using these toys, and then tell you which two I like the best. If you stick with the article until the end, I will also share a tip on how to find them at a good price with discreet shipping, which is going to help you out a lot!

So, how did I find out that I love sex toys for couples? Well, like many of you, I started experimenting with my sexuality at a rather young age. I was fresh out of high school and I went through a lot of guys during my first year of college. At first, the experiences were amazing. I like trying all of the different positions I could think up, and I even bought a copy of the Kama Sutra so that I could practice all sorts of crazy things. Eventually, I got tired of all of the different positions, and with the risk of STD’s increasing year after year I knew that I was going to have to slow down my promiscuity.

So, after a good year of trying every different position that I could dream up with a lot of different guys (including some three ways and four ways) I decided to start using vibrators and dildos. It was interesting for a long time. There were a lot of different toys out there that I could purchase and use, and I found a great combination in using a butt plug, g-spot vibrator, and a hitachi magic wand. Yeah, it seems like it is a bit high tech, but the orgasms that I was having were far beyond anything I ever thought possible. It took me a long time until I decided to have sex with a man, again, and as a matter of fact it only happened because I found myself falling in love with a guy who I had been spending a lot of time with.

The trouble was that the sex just wasn’t that interesting. I had already had a lot of crazy experiences when I was younger, and the toys I was using were doing way more for me than my guy ever could. This is when I realized that I had to find some couples sex toys if things were going to stay interesting in the bedroom. Thankfully, my guy is really in to me and willing to do whatever I want.

I got two toys that made things interesting. The first was the Ladygasm Buzz, and the second was the Ladygasm Voyager. The differences between the two are rather subtle, and the voyager is really just a bigger, better version of the buzz. The thing that I liked about this toy was that I could use it in my pussy or ass as well as using it to stimulating my clitoris. When I was done with my orgasm, I could slip it inside of my guy and let him have a prostate orgasm while he was fucking me, or while I sucked him off. The best part is the size of his load when he has a prostate orgasm.

You can, of course, use these toys when you are alone if you want. I still make it a point to spend time alone with my plug, hitachi, and g-spot vibrator. But I really like the times I get together with my guy and use my couples sex toys to get both of us off, and I love how horny it makes him.