Ladygasm Alex - A realistic regular sized penis

Ladygasm Alex - A realistic regular sized penis

Product details

The Ladygasm Alex is vibrating dildo that thousands of women have described to as as "the perfect size." He measures 6.5 inches long and 5 inches in diameter. We've worked long and hard in the Ladygasm labs to create the most realistic penis possible, even modeling it from one of our relatively gifted employees.

With a suction cup bottom to enable you stick it on a chair, the wall, or just about anywhere you please, this vibrating dildo is built to help you act out your most realistic fantasies.

The Ladygasm Alex is totally waterproof as well (not including the battery case) so you can relax with it in the tub after a difficult day at work. The material is our own secret creation - pliable and totally realistic in texture and appearance, while still being hygienic and very easy to clean. Two AAA batteries is all you need to get the party started. To learn more about this model, just watch the video above, and Ms. Ladygasm herself will explain everything!

TPR Cyberskin
Material Safety safety
Raised Veins
Noise Level noise
Safety Features
Powered by
2 AA Batteries
Adjustable Vibration, Suction Cup
Special Features
Suction Cup, Waterproof


Product reviews

Review by Babydoll4eva
Alex is a nice little package. Nice and thick, and in a realistic color. I am not much on the neon, sparkles, or Day-Glo colors. I looked and was wondering if a battery pack was replaceable? The Alex model is waterproof, put the battery pack is NOT. But pretty good product.

Review by shinylove89
After being single a while, I thought I would treat myself to a nice sized toy. The Ladygasm Alex is a nice hefty piece, but that suction cup was not well made. I had just cleaned my floors, so I don't think it was anything like that. If anything it left tracks. I tried the toilet lid and that was a bit better, maybe you have to sit flush on something? I would recommend it as a nice toy, but up in the air about the suction side of things.

Review by saxyfuntimes
I saw this online, my last boyfriend was named Alex. Neither worked much and took much manipulating to get myself off. Thanks for the memories. It was well packaged and lifelike, but almost too much so.

Review by her_property
I couldn't ask for a better toy, this thing is wild. I had some of the most mind blowing orgasms, its so nice to be able to use a suction cup and now worry anything will fall or go soft. Thanks for a great product and the ladies at work were right. It's a life changer!
Review by unicornhunter84
Like, so much better than a real penis! My girlfriend and I have never had better sex than we have with the Alex model. Oh. My. God. Best dildo ever. Thank. You. Ladygasm.

Review by funinpublic
I think 8 or 9” would be a lot better to rock on, as in the tub or water as they suggest, it’s awkward to really get a motion going as the tip almost comes out, allowing water to enter. Suction cup did well, the old slide it up till it popped off trick did it. Maybe when it’s sat on, it enforces the suction? Pretty nice, but for the price, a few more inches please!

Review by Phonesexsavior
My wife has been taking longer showers, so I am guessing her Valentine’s gift paid off. She seems more relaxed and I have more time to watch the game or Sports Center about 10 o’clock, bath time. Kudos to a great product from us husbands.