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To buy dildos online can be very exciting, there is such a huge section of exciting looking dilods online the temptation is to go crazy and buy dildos in all shapes and sizes just to see which ones give you the biggest thrill. It’s almost like choosing your next boyfriend, except you are focusing purely on the privates rather than the rest of the package.

But to buy sex toys is only the first part of the sexual excitement to come. To think about the product being inserted is great, but when the dildo arrives it may be just a little bigger than you first anticipated, or perhaps a little wider, or, disappointingly, just a little smaller

When you plan on using a dildo try using it on yourself first. Even if you have purchased it for yourself and your sexual partner, you should use it alone first. Get to feel it, get to understand the sensations and the angles that you love most. Importantly get to know what you don’t like, so you can help direct your partner during the session.

Neither your butt or your dildo has any natural lubricant to make things nice and slippery of its own accord and using a lube will make everything you do with your dildo much more sensitive and more comfortable. Start off by applying some lube onto the palm of your hand and then smooth it over the tip of the dildo. Work it onto all the areas where the dildo will be making direct contact with your body. Don’t be shy, just plough that lube everywhere, but do remember that anal lube and vagina lubrication are not always compatible.

After you make a realistic dildo purchase and have started to use them, you will feel aroused. Always insert the dildo slowly. Take your time, just inserting the tip at fist to allow your body time to acclimatize to the sensations.

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Dildos are safe for vaginal penetration, but not all dildos can be used for anal use. So when looking on line make sure you buy dildos that will fit one or all. Remember normally an anal dildo will have a thick base to stop the insertion going too far, and it should be completely smooth and seamless. Never move a dildo from the anus to the vagina or vice versa, unless you stop, disinfect the dildo and start again. Infections can be easily caused by not doing so.

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