Achieving Multiple Orgasms with the Hitachi Wand

Using the Hitachi Wand for Multiple Orgasms

The first time that I heard of other women using their hitachi wand for multiple orgasms I thought it was a myth. I subscribe to a lot of forums where they rate and review different vibrators, and about six months ago this toy started popping up on a regular basis. It had only ever been mentioned a few times before that, and most of us just ignored it. We were looking for the most realistic fake cocks around, and this toy was completely different than what any of us wanted.

We really started to pay attention, though, when a woman wrote a long post about how she learned to have multiple back to back orgasms with her hitachi magic wand. Now, this is a forum for masturbation enthusiasts, so you can bet that a bunch of different women decided that they were going to order their own and give it a try. Within a few weeks more and more women were chiming in, saying that they had their first experience with multiple orgasms.

If you have never had a multiple orgasm before, let me explain how it works. Normally, we stimulate ourselves until the feeling builds up enough to result in an orgasm. For most of us that’s all we need or want. For many women, the clitoris and labia become extremely sensitive and any more stimulation is impossible.

With multiple orgasms your body reacts differently. Instead of losing all of the steam that you built up during the orgasm, you maintain your momentum. As soon as you finish cumming, your body already has enough stimulation for another orgasm. While it can be difficult, some women are able to learn to keep cumming again and again until they are just too worn out to continue.

The Hitachi vibrator allows you to train your body for this sort of stimulation because of the intense vibration that it produces. For some of us, it’s a bit much and it takes a long time to build up to the point where you can continue to apply pressure after your first orgasm. For others, the vibrations are so intense that you can barely apply any pressure at all for the first couple dozen times you use it.

The method is pretty simple. You start out with the toy with light pressure and, over time, you increase the amount of pressure applied while masturbating. After a few weeks or months you will be able to press the toy very firmly against your clitoris. At this point you can practice maintain that firm pressure during and after your orgasm.

What happens at first is that your orgasm will become extremely long. After a while, though, you will learn to interpret the signals from your body and you will be able to maintain the right amount of pressure to take you from one orgasm right into another.

At first you won’t be able to handle more than two or three before you are worn out. Eventually, though, you will be able to use the hitachi wand to keep cumming again and again. It is a great way to blow off some steam, and what woman doesn’t want to be able to experience a series of super powerful, long lasting orgasms?

You can pick up the Surprise Turbo Hitachi Magic Wand on the Ladygasm site, where it comes with a 30 day guarantee against defects. If you decide that you want to pick up a vibrating sex toy from Hitachi and learn to have a chain of never ending orgasms, then good for you – you deserve to have all the pleasure that you can handle!